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Basic Abilities of a Leader

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By Bishop Winny

Throughout my years in the frontline whether I was in public mission in the Philippines or family course in Korea, I realized that our whole life in a nutshell is a training for leadership mission for smaller scales to higher levels and in broader areas.

I saw this as an undeniable fact whether we thought we are not born leaders or no qualification to lead or no ambition for leadership position or no desire to take any leadership responsibility. Why I could say this? Simply because, from the viewpoint of our eternal mission which is tribal restoration and community breakthrough, it is all about leadership abilities that started from the individual level all the way up to the community and tribal area. Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission requires leadership ability & capacity to carry unimaginable load of responsibilities to achieve success.

Last time I wrote about Leadership as Defined by True Parents, this time I would like to render my ideas on Leadership Abilities based on True Parents standard as important tool in our mission.

7 Church Leadership Abilities:

1. Spiritual Content (heart) – an attitude of absolute obedience to the Will of Heaven is first & foremost necessary condition. Next is level of attendance towards True Parents and quality of our relationship with the invisible God, followed by sincere devotion, deep understanding of the Principle and the course of restoration coupled by actual experiences of successful overcoming. This is the basic of all and the most important that takes a great weight for leadership qualification… Why? Because it defines our inner self and the foundation of our individual position

2. Emotional Maturity (mind) – capacity to embrace and deal with all situations with a level-headed public mind. This is the ability to distinguish what is public from personal; principled motivation from selfish one; and be able to see clearly what is priority and not. This ability can render immediate and proper solution to every situation regardless of how big or small the problems there are.

Emotional maturity can handle all kinds of relationships and go through all its complexities without creating conflict and fights.

If Spiritual content is invisible, emotional maturity can be its visible reflection because the deeper our spiritual content is the more mature well-being we will become.

3. Lecturing Mastery (expression of faith’s understanding) – ability to explain every topic and help people digest the highest truth and see the Unification Principle not as a book but a life giving revelations from heaven. It is the ability to transmit the truth in its depth and reveal God’s heart of joy at the time of creation, God’s sorrowful heart at the time of the fall and the greatest hope during the appearance of True Parents. It is the ability to explain clearly the course of restoration thru indemnity and salvation thru the blessing. It is the ability to impart the course of the providence leading to the era of Cheon Il Guk passing thru all the transition stages of the providence.

This is the application of how much we understand True Parents course and a reflection of our faith understanding. It is not about the use of flowery or highfalutin words but the lecture contents matter the most. It is not about how great our speaking ability is but how can we become God’s mouthpiece, just an absolute Body to an invisible Living God.

4. Witnessing Power (confidence in faith) – ability to guide others to know God’s Will, understand God’s heart, learn God’s truth and receive God’s love. This is ability to bring people’s mind and heart to the bosom of God in preparation to inherit His love; to testify that God is alive; and proclaim that God is the Parent with great confidence, courage and conviction

5. Financial Stability (machine) – all leaders must have the ability to find means for existence and must gain mastery in its management. Money is not the top priority but this is an important machinery to move the providence forward. This is the 3rd blessing given to man however many leaders failed to gain victory over this matter and overcome his environment.

WHY? Because our human nature is hooked and confined by the reality of this world which is what satan wants. Many leaders put this issue as top priority and believed to be the primary condition to carry the providence which is actually NOT. Father Moon said, for a leader to succeed, he must carry with him FIRST God’s words, NEXT is the heart to save people and THIRD dominion of material environment. Sometimes it’s hard to submit ourselves on this matter when we are confronted by the reality of every situation. However, financial stability comes from fortune too and from the application of the Principle which is Dominion. Fortune comes from heaven thru the people and people come from heaven thru God’s words.

6. Diplomatic Ability (flexibility & adaptability) - ability to persuade & influence others to live a God-centered lifestyle. The ability to promote our faith to bring positive change and harmony with other religious belief; and the flexibility to relate and adjust with other religious traditions and rituals without prejudice. Covering the 7billion population of the world can’t be done by “US” alone in an overnight period… We need to work in partnership with other faiths and denominations from smaller unit to greater scale of the society to build the world of peace

7. Pastoral Mind (parental clemency) – This is the ability to “watch-over” (manage) his flocks. According to Father Moon Leadership is tantamount to Parenthood therefore, all leaders must have parental clemency to take care, embrace, guide, educate and manage his household and area of responsibility & jurisdiction. ALL HTMs are shepherds (pastors) in parents’ position and all his people are flocks who are actually his families and not just members of his organization.

Failures in pastoral mission started from a wrong understanding of the concept of that job. A pastor is not leading a church but actually building and raising his own family and tribe and expanding his territory not focus on power & position but on heavenly dominion of love.

Once we see ourselves as PARENTS and not as leaders of an organization, many things can be settled properly, many problems can be solved immediately and relationship problems will be lesser. If we guide our tribe to live as siblings from one line of lineage, Kingdom of Peace is at hand because there is an axis and central coordination.

If we can lead as parents and embrace all our tribe members with parental heart everything will run smoothly because in a family every member lives for the sake of others modeled by the parents passing the tradition to the elder children down to younger ones. In the family there are morals and norms, etiquettes to follow. Virtues and Values are applied in 4 realms of heart (children-siblings-couple-parents) and in 3 levels of vertical relationships (children-parent-grandparents).

Managerial jobs for maintenance of HTMs as determined by rules and laws created centered or patterned on “FAMILY SYSTEM” will just follow naturally. THIS IS actually True Parents’ Wisdom, the Original Substance of the Principle and the very CORE CONTENTS of True Parents hundreds of volumes of speeches.

I strongly believe that the success in the management of HTM missions depend on being PARENTS and having these above-mentioned abilities in application of True Parents’ words…. I am 100% sure and it guaranteed success IF and only IF we can put True Parents words into actions and materialize their wishes into reality.. /

Owners of Cheon Il Guk

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By Bishop Winny

We must clearly understand that we are not just members of a certain organization or followers of a certain religious denomination. We are not just missionaries or ordinary multicultural families in Korea.


WHO ARE WE? WE ARE OWNERS! The Owners of God’s Nation! What an amazing blessing this is!

To be an Owner, we must be the people who fulfil the responsibilities entailed from the highest even down to the lowest position and must do even the dirtiest job if necessary just to make sure everything is functioning well. We must also be the troubleshooters if there are any problems blocking the accomplishment of our goal.

In reality an owner knows the details about her property, the situations and conditions of every part of her business, and always ready for any alternative strategy that is needed if there would be unfavorable circumstances coming along the way. She knows the concept of what she has to fulfil and have hands-on or actual experience how to achieve her goal to acquire success, and, most important of all, she has invested 100% of her heart in every corner of her area of jurisdiction and will continue to invest and invest endlessly. Otherwise she is not an owner (or she might not succeed) if ever she is just half-hearted and just working on positional-base, hired-employees’ views or according to self benefits

An owner doesn’t just sit down, command and wait for the results to appear. As OWNERS, we get up from our seats, no consciousness about our SELF but very much focused on how to materialize and actualize our responsibilities that are twinned with our position and never get relaxed until it’s really over. Our concern is how to get things done in a time frame and would always be on active duty until everything is already settled successfully.

We saw these kinds of attitudes and lifestyle from our True Parents themselves. Even until the last breath of Father’s life on earth we know how much serious he was and was very busy doing the job that should be done supposedly by us. Even at the risk of his health, nobody could stop Father from speaking up and teaching us his vision, his strategies, the methods & process and even the details of what should be done. Mother, despite the unfavorable conditions surrounding her and the internal situation of the true family, she never is disturbed but very much focused on what needs to be achieved. She troubleshoots all problems and most of all continuously shows us the true and right way and correct understanding of what Father would like us to accomplish. Mother never stop even how painful the course she faces as she continue working out the fulfillment of God’s dream without Father on her side.

The OWNER position is bequeathed unto us on the condition of our absolute unity and oneness of heart & will with the true & original Owners who are God & True Parents. To be qualified to that position, we must achieve the Internal Qualification of being true filial children in front of heaven and acquire External Results on the phase of the earth. Recognition for being filial children and offering our results can’t be done in heaven or when we pass to the other world already. True Mother wants all of us to be victorious on this position while on the earth so that when we go to the spirit world we have something to offer to True Father & Heavenly Parent. Therefore the glory of that position is to be done on the earth and we have barely 3 years to fulfill this job. It’s a serious moment for all of us..

There are 3 requirements we need to fulfil and offer to Heaven if we are the OWNERS:

1. CIG Citizens – we need to restore the 7 billion people of the world.

2. CIG Nation – we need to restore Korea as God’s fatherland and homeland of our faith.

3. CIG Sovereignty – we need to settle God’s position as the sovereign Lord and Eternal Parent.

As you can see True Parents have laid all the necessary foundations and ground works to accomplish these things. Considering that this job is not only on physical world but more difficult than that is, it is also to break through the spiritual world. Fighting on both the spiritual & physical realm is something we owed from our True Parents. Pioneering the path and laying the pavements are the greatest thing we owed from our True Parents. We are just to follow their footprints. Literally speaking True Parents have done everything even our supposed responsibility.

We need to fulfil our share of works, JUST A PART of an entire job.

We are not asked to do everything but at least to fulfil a certain part to complete the whole project to be accomplished. True Parents said just 5% to partner with God’s 95%. The success of that 5% will lead to the victory of the whole.

1. We are not asked to solve the problems that are above us but at least make sure that our families are settled and children are properly educated to become the future generation of heavenly lineage.

2. We are not asked to restore the entire world but at least restore a minimal space which is our community through Tong Ban Kyeok Pah or community breakthrough.

3. We are not asked to do the restoration of the 7Billion people by ourselves alone but at least to restore 430 families only as part of our Heavenly Tribal Mission. Luckily, as the strategic and realistic course to fulfill this mission is to accomplish the 12 families – model base strategy and develop our home-church through homegroup system

We have barely 3 years to go from now. 2020 January 13 by lunar calendar is February 9 in solar date. As missionaries and residents of Korea our final and most precious achievements are the accomplishments we can directly contribute to the restoration of the CIG 3 requirements (citizens-territory-sovereignty) here in the fatherland.

Korea is the parent-nation and Unification Family is the parent-religion. Korea has to be settled first among all other countries in the world as the central nation of Cheon IL Guk. This is Heavenly Parent & True Parents’ “eternal dream”. We can do a lot of things anywhere anytime, however, our recognition and ultimate success is the fulfilment of our mission HERE in Korea. Therefore, to inherit that OWNERSHIP successfully we must have clear concept-knowledge, hands-on and actual experience about the works we need to fulfil here, the nation that is not the country of our birth with the language that is not ours.

Though it looks simple and easy but this piece of work or share of job entails a lot of pains, suffering and difficulties especially for us as FOREIGNERS by blood in this nation. It needs a lot of sweat, tears and maximum effort. It needs a lot of determination and ONLY by living selflessly with absolute faith, pure love and absolute obedience can we be able to overcome all the hurdles, challenges and difficulties. There is no other best way but to live for the sake of God & humanity like our True Parents. This is the reason why True Parents define what an owner is like…….

Father’s words: “what kind of person can be called a true owner? Only the person who lives for others, caring for others, sacrificing himself in serving others -- in other words a person who practices and lives a life of true love is a true owner. Only someone who treats everything in the creation with true love, protecting and nurturing them, can become a true owner of all things of creation. It is not your external position or status that makes you a true owner; that is determined only by your character and capacity to love.”

The CIG owners are frontliners & prime movers of the providence who lives for God & humanity. Owners who wish to offer the best for God as our parent, save humanity as our family and restore this nation as our home.xxxx

Words of Wisdom from Pres Gil Ja SA

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When I started contemplating about my life I tried to find a way to remind me of my first motivation of joining the church, my pledge before God, my determination to fulfill God’s Will until death and my greatest love for True Parents.

During these moments I became fascinated with to know the early disciples of True Parents who up until this time are attending our True Parents with all their hearts without wavering. One particular elder is President SA GilJa.

I began reading her book: “A Testimony to God’s Words, in regard to the Divine Principle” and I would like to share “SOME” of the practical things she had learned from True Parents directly which I believe can help many of us as faithful members in our community..

President Sa:

1. “Father said God grows together with humans!”

This is an amazing fact but Christians may misunderstand us. Father had elaborated by saying, God, of course is perfect but love can’t be felt unless there is a perfect object since love is invisible, if there’s no external stimulus coming from another being, "Love" as if doesn’t exit. Love is perfected only through a relationship with another being that is why we can say that love is correlative. Since God is love, we can say God’s love grows too. We have to understand that humans have that crucial role and very close relationship with God because of this particular point. External love is the expression made by subject and object and internal love is the root which comes directly from the invisible God.

2. “Selfish Motive”

She asked Father how he discovered the Principle which couldn’t be found by any normal human beings while Father himself is a human being like anyone of us... Father answered her “Because I threw away my selfish motivation” Human ancestors directly inherited selfishness from Satan and passed it down to us. To find and teach the truth, one very important & necessary condition is “keep a Selfless Motive” in our hearts. Father was able to discover all the secrets of the universe because of that condition.

3. “Meaning & Secret of Self Denial”

If humanity is to return to God, humans basically have to walk the path opposite to self-centeredness, which means we must practice absolute self denial. Satan stays with and never leaves those who have even an inch of self centeredness in their minds. Father told us that the best & effective way to deny ourselves is to be persecuted by other people. Self denial is completely achieved when we endure harsh persecutions and gained victory by not retaliating instead keeping a heart that can overcome it by love & understanding centering on God.

Also, the reason why True Parents are asking us to do many impossible tasks is simply because Father is helping us greatly to deny ourselves by taking as much as suffering course as possible in order that we may escape from the grasp of self centeredness as quickly as possible.

Self centeredness is an attitude of doing anything we want just like Lucifer doing what he wanted. On the contrary, self denial is doing what God wants us to accomplish, though it’s impossible, difficult and things we hate to do because that is the path of returning to God.

4. The root of Unification Church Faith

We can’t give perfect Principle lectures with only the Divine Principle. We must listen to Father's words often and read all his speeches as well. We can’t use only the Principle in our ministry or the Words we receive daily. The best way to lecture and convey the inspirations from God is when we speak & lecture centering on the Principle and Father's words at the same time. It means we must thoroughly study the Principle and then read all the collective speeches of True Parents.

Principle is the backbone and Father's words are the flesh. These are the roots of our unification faith.

5. Three important attitude in attending God:

a. We must greet God everyday with our pure heart.

b. We must always ask God of what we have to do and before doing things

c. We have to report to God what we have done both the good and the bad ones.

This is True Parents' way of life and Father reminded us to wait for God’s answers before anything else. This is personal attendance to God & to True Parents even though we don’t live with them closely. The more SELFLESS we are during praying time, the closer we can be with them.

6. Shimjeong

What is Shimjeong? Father said it is “internal love”. The distance between God and man lies on the level of our shimjeong. Immaturity and selfishness created an enormous distance between us & God. Father has taught us that shimjeong can sprout from the ground of perfected conscience which all humans must strive to accomplish.

7. The realm of parentship was restored by establishing Mother in 1992

1992 was the 40 years extension of 1952 and during that year Father put forth Mother up front of the whole world after Father had accomplished a very important task regarding Communism. Father met Gorbachev in 1990 and Kim Il Sung in 1991 and these did not take place by coincidence. Beginning those years Father worked so hard with great jeongseong to bring communism to natural surrender. Communists are murderous groups. They have made several attempts to assassinate Father in the past. Father said, humanity has no way to be saved if Mother would be murdered by communists that’s why he could only put Mother in front after communism has fallen into Father’s embrace.

God’s ideal was destroyed because of Eve’s relationship with Satan and seducing Adam to fall. True Mother who came as the perfected Eve has to walk in front of Father and help Father to become successful, thereby restoring the wrong doings of Eve though indemnity. Father wrote a calligraphy that read “Coming of the Global Age of Women” and opened the age of women with Mother. ***

President SA Gil Ja belongs to the 36-couples and one of the first 3 couples who were blessed by True Parents. She is the wife of the Rev Eu Hyo Won, the first president of the Korean church and the very disciple who had transcribed the Divine Principle book. She is the president of the House of Unification for World Peace and is the author of all the Divine Principle Chart books.

The Three Things We Need to Inherit

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By Bishop Winny


The 40 years painful path of the Messiah and the 40 years suffering course of True Parents together both indemnified the more than 6000 years history of sins & failures and brought all the broken pieces of God’s ideal into one place.


More importantly than that was, our True Parents have given birth to all of us to the greatest position where we are now. They freed us and liberated us completely from the lowest position of servants of servant to the position of true children of heaven and then, NOW we are proclaimed “Owners of Cheon Il Guk – the Heirs of God’s Kingdom”



As Heirs, True Parents gave us three things to inherit:


1. We need to inherit their teachings:


We have the Divine Principle and shelves of True Parents’ volume of speeches. They represent the bones of our faith and flesh of our life respectively. Their teachings and principles are God’s magnificent truth. They are heavenly laws that govern the entire heaven & earth and the universal truth that no religion can oppose with, instead, will be magnetized to come into unity under the bosom of our Heavenly Parent. They logically answer all confusions in the world of faiths; presented us the practical aspect of life and defined the heartistic bond of parent-child relationship between God & humanity. It is only True Parents’ teachings that expose the greatest truth that God is our Heavenly Parent and we are all children under God’s Parenthood!


As Heirs, we need to embody these words and put them into practice. They are not Books or Journals to be read only or filed at the book cabinets in our library but THEY ARE LIFE themselves that we need to experience if we want to understand the living God.


The speech (2012.04.14) Cosmic Assembly for the Firm Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the Substantial Word of God indicated that “Heavenly Parent=True Parents=Word” are but ONE and inseparable. True Parents have perfected God’s words and substantially fulfilled them while on earth passing thru the course of restoration, resurrection & re-creation covering the entire Old & New Testament Bibles and vividly taught us the Original course of humanity towards our true destiny. True Parents have concluded their mission and finally the publication of the 3 Great Heavenly Scriptures concluded the history and ushered us to the new level of the providence where the central figures are no other than WE, the owners of Cheon Il Guk. Embodying their words and put them into practice is one of the best things we can ever do as heir…



2. We need to inherit True Parents' lives:


It is so difficult to describe the path of the Messiah and the course of True Parents. Their lives are full of pains, sacrifices and sufferings. Nonetheless, their lives can be pinned down into three: true love, sincere devotion and undying commitment for God’s liberation and His settlement as the one and only Heavenly Parent. These are the very reasons why they were able to overcome the insurmountable load of works to bring back the shattered parts of history to its original form and most importantly giving God the hope for the fulfillment of His ideals.


As Heirs, we need to live with true love and sincere devotion in attending heaven. True Parents’ lives are examples of (1) loyalty an filial piety towards heaven; and, (2) forgiving & loving and forgetting those painful past so that we can start anew especially in this period of building the substantial Kingdom of God on earth. If we will compare this to Christian belief this is basically the BEST expression that materialized the 2 commandments of Jesus of loving God & loving our enemies.


It is not an easy requirement or simple task to fulfill however, as Heirs there is no other way to stand as their true representatives except to have true love running in our veins and make it the core content of our lifestyle. We need to have sincere devotion in our genes to finally bring substantial offerings. Living for others is God’s eternal motto and our goal is to become the perfect reflection of filial & loyal hearts….



3. We must inherit their achievements:


More than the lectures of how True Parents became the Messiah, the most powerful way to present them to the people is to proclaim their achievements in life. True Parents are sent by heaven to liberate God, save humanity and restore the damaged history to its original blueprint.


They never accomplished those incredible accomplishments and greatest contribution in all fields of society and human walk of lives in a global & international scale by just commanding and speaking. However their lives lived in the frontline battle through their blood sweat and tears their life-long accomplishments brought everything into conclusion and perfection. True Parents labored so much for the sake of God’s Will. Nobody in history was able to do what True Parents have done for the sake of peace and harmony and for breaking down walls and boundaries in all areas, aspects and levels.

As Heirs, our minds, hearts and dreams should be how to attend Heavenly Parent & True Parents by owning their dreams. We need to become one with them in achieving that dream being their representatives. If the criminal on the right cross of Jesus was saved thru faith in Jesus as the requirement of the age at that time, offering the Nation to heaven is the most fitted condition for our offering. We need to work to claim Korea as the homeland of our Heavenly Parent and hometown of our faith. This is God & TPs Dream!


If only Korea was not divided, God’s providence would be easily settled. However, the division of Korea signified the two contradictory realm of sovereignty between God & Satan. We need to settle God in His chosen nation. Without a substantial nation for God, heaven can’t claim the entire humanity absolutely.


God must be settled first substantially on the earth through the people’s heartistic bond and come into a parent-child relationship with God before all of us can be perfectly settled too. This is the reason why Father said that even for one day of living that nation before his death will suffice his life-long hardworks. This is the formula course of building God’s Kingdom on earth. It’s not just a small group of believers but a sovereignty that will govern the world with heavenly constitutions and laws centering on the true love of our Heavenly Parent.


The greatest achievement we can accomplish is to fulfill our share of responsibility in the restoration of God’s sovereignty in Korea thru our Heavenly Tribal Missions. Our tribe’s restoration is our personal responsibility but the restoration of Korea as CIG nation is our providential mission today.


The end of God’s timetable is approaching and the time of recognition is also at hand. If St Paul said in Romans 5:1-2, we are justified by faith, and then we can say we can also be justified thru the fulfillment of our providential responsibilities before heaven & earth. xxx


Keeping Our Life of Faith Active

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By Bishop Winny

I joined Unification Movement thru WorldCARP when I was a sophomore but didn’t respond to any seminar invitation until I was 3rd year in the university though I took active participation in many CARP activities. I have had lots of reasons not to respond to however, heaven found its way to really hook me. I realized “if you are destined, you will surely be called no matter what circumstances there might be.” Then our portion of responsibility in front of heaven is ONLY TO RESPOND and the rest will be heavenly history!

I didn’t accept True Parents because of the lectures contained in the first ever seminar I had which was 4days Unification Principle workshop. Honestly I didn’t believe that the Principle of Creation is attainable, for me, it’s too good to be true. I was very sarcastic and arrogant when the lectures where presented nevertheless there were 4 particular contents that struck me the most: the motivation & process of the fall; the crucifixion of Jesus; story of Tamar giving birth to twins and the story of Jacob & Esau’s natural subjugation.

Actually, during the 2nd coming lecture it already gave me negative mind that I was into a religious group and not a student leader’s organization. However when the slide of the 3 countries in the Far East appeared suddenly right there at that very moment, God hooked me miraculously. He pinched my heart fiercely and told me directly into my ears “He is the One” for three times and He loudly mentioned “You need to believe Him if you believe in Me”. That’s it! I couldn’t hear anymore words from the lecturer until the whole lecture was over. The only thing that remained in my mind was that very spiritual experience.

After following the path of the True Parents we came to realize that our life course is not easy, we all know that. It couldn’t even be categorized as just normal phenomena in our life of faith. The battle between good & evil is far more serious fights and far greater than world wars. And the battle of fulfilling our portion of responsibility or not is the only determining factor of our victory or failure. My course is not easy and I must say it is an unimaginable path for me. However nobody can see those pains, scars, tears, worries and struggles on my face or in my aura. NOT even my family knows what I have been through & into and maybe not even my spiritual children know what kind of life I have while in the frontline.

How do I keep my faith active?

My life of faith is not a responsibility, not a duty, not an obligation NOR a choice! It is SIMPLY MY LIFE! It is my eternal life. The center, the focus, the axis, and the purpose & the goals define my path!

In Father’s words he said, once the CENTER is established, everything will be in proper order and it is really TRUE. When I found that center thru our True Parents, there is a feeling of assurance, security and internal peace. If we can establish a very stable relationship of parent-child within ourselves between God & us planted into the marrow of our bones then you will surely have the strongest foothold that nothing can sway you away from your faith. I experienced it and it is true. God is my Father, TPs are my parents. I’m their daughter! What else is greater than this?

Some practical matters:

1. Betrayal and being denounced and denied is painful thing and the more you feel the pain when your family members or spiritual children did that to you. I always think of True Parents first who have more painful situations & sufferings than that of me. They have been betrayed and denied by the people they love the most and people very close to them and yet they only wish to continue loving. Mother is carrying the most painful course of internal pain and yet Mother chooses to be quiet and still heartistically instructed us to Forgive Love & Unite…

Therefore how can I cry for myself? God has been carrying more burdens than me. Moreover, the deeper our experiences of pains and sufferings, the closer we will be to heaven (Mt 5:10-11). This is true to me.

2. Never ever compare. WHY? There is nothing to compare about.

a). each of us has our own course to follow

b). we have different ancestral restoration

c). we grew up in different family backgrounds

d). everybody has its own spiritual and internal foundations and ancestral merits.

e). BUT most importantly we have our own way of relationship with God. God is never UNFAIR!

We just have to view life in the way God see’s it. We need to remind ourselves that we are historical people and everything that is happening to us are within the bound of historical matters of restoration either they are on individual level, family, tribe, racial or national. The bigger our mission is or the higher our position might be corresponds to the degree of the course of our life path. That’s why despite the odds in my life, I never compare myself with anybody who seems to have better situations than me.

More so, compare is part of the 3 prohibited Cs in my life. Once we start comparing we will surely complain then we will criticize. These 3 Cs is the beginning of spiritual death.

3. Witnessing is my life! If I don’t do it, I will die. I never thought it’s a duty nor it is a mission to bring membership to the church. IF you have developed tat Parent-Child relationship with God it is but automatic and natural to feel the heart of the parents wanting to embrace all the children back to their bosom. God is not happy alone. True Parents said we can’t go to heaven alone. Spiritual laws say our property rights in the spirit world depend upon the people we saved.

Witnessing is heavenly law and one of the best strategies to acquire heavenly fortune. God loves those who understood very well His Will.

4. Blessing is not what I want but what I need. I keep this seriously in my heart. Our ultimate GOAL is perfection and ultimate DESTINY is Kingdom of Heaven. Blessing is the INHERITANCE of heavenly LOVE-LIFE-LINEAGE according to God’s Will and in connection to True Parents. It is our blood covenant with heaven. We became part of God’s family thru the blessing.

Because it is heaven who gave us this blessing, always think that God as our heavenly parent will be with us along the course of building it. He has 95% part of it and the completion lies on our 5% contribution. Keep faith and just trust God absolutely!

5. Committing myself to public life is similar to a plane that had started to take off. Once it did... it would not stop unless it reached its destination place. A plane that didn’t reach its destination could either mean 2 things: it has encountered problem and lose its flight or it crashed to death. Sometimes there are turbulence, foggy atmosphere, zero visibility, malfunctioning engine or whatever there maybe, the most important point is don’t crash. We may take an emergency landing but for sure we will fly again to reach our destination.

6. Lastly, once we accepted True Parents as our parents we have begun the journey of faith and we have been reborn into a new life with our spiritual birthday that is counted until for eternity. So how can I just take for granted this path? I have spiritual life and I have spiritual age.

Every time other members will ask me when did I join or how old am I spiritually, how can I answer it with pride if it didn’t coincide with the lifestyle I have with the church and my faith standard? Once people called me “ATE” (Elder sister) it means I’m responsible to guide and teach them as their elder.

This is not about leadership position anymore. It is the undeniable fact that whether I like it or not I am already an “elder”. Otherwise, it’s a shameful thing and a slap on my face if I couldn’t show them anything better and greater. This is one of the reasons too why I can’t just “Lie-Low”. The truth is, every minute we are growing older in spiritual age in front of heaven.

We should be an elder whom True Parents wished to see. Spiritual maturity lies on the level of our attendance to True Parents and the deepness of our understanding of Heavenly Parent’s heart.

As I said, our fife of faith is not a choice! It is an undeniable truth. Therefore, let’s live every moment with seriousness and upgrade our life of attendance to heaven

Living for the Sake of Others

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By Bishop Winny Cayme



The principle of “Living for the Sake of Others” is very popular in our faith community. It is the central tenet of our life of faith. True Parents once told us that this is even the boundary line of heaven & hell. Not only human beings need this but even God lives according to this principle because the concept of eternity is based on this ideal.


Only those who live for others can become the counterpart of the center, and stand in the position of a central figure and owner. Living according to this principle makes us a good person of great value by which all religions will affirm and agree about.


True Father’s words: All beings must exist for the sake of other beings in order to maintain their place in this universe, as governed by the laws of Heaven. An egocentric and self-centered way of life will bring about evil, while a life of living for the greater good will bring prosperity. All things can be brought into peace & harmony by living for greater goodness. This opens all doors to individuals, families, tribes, races, nations, the world and heaven. Only the people who lived for the sake of others with a spirit of sacrifice remain as somebody and will be remembered as saints, great men and women, patriots and children of filial piety. (2004.09.16)


Living for the sake of others is actually true love in action that destroys barriers and boundaries in all forms of relationships. The opposite of living for the sake of others is SELFISHNESS which the Divine Principle defines as the root of evil and the basic characteristics of Satan.


Living for the sake of others is practically “NO IDEA of SELF”, the idea of Me My Mine I is not permissible. I remember one quote from True Father that I always used in my lecture: the difference between true love and false is only one strand of hair which is called expectation of something in return that is already connected to “MYSELF”.


There are many ways to show how generous, kind, diligent or whatever great characteristics are fitted to our works however, LIVING for OTHERS requires an investment of love and sacrifice of oneself of which the absence of these will nullify the true essence of this principle


One best issue of living for others is FORGIVENESS. It’s difficult to ignore the pain and suffering we have experienced and felt after being hurt, betrayed, abandoned, maltreated, etc by others. It’s hard. YES! However, let’s look at God, Jesus and True Father & True Mother’s lifestyles. How many times they were placed in such miserable situations and carried in their hearts the unbearable pains just for the sake of LOVE. Yes, because THEY love us so much that they can forget themselves, their pains, their sufferings and their investment in our growing years. Because they possessed that Parental Heart that surpasses the idea of self just for the sake of the children, they can give away everything they have even their lives for our sake and their own family. That is the highest expression of love and living for others.


Once we stood in parental position possessing that parental heart we can solve all problems in relationship. I perfectly understood this and been trying my best to apply this in leadership mission and all sorts of relationship with people in & out of our community. However it’s not that easy. To reach that level of heart requires a lot of painful experiences and had been converted into victories of love.


In my previous article I wrote about Choong Hyo (loyalty & filial piety) as the most important qualification to inherit God’s love and the most important condition to enter the heavenly kingdom. Filial piety is giving up my desire, my wishes, and my life for the sake of my parents. Both parental heart & filial heart can best be practiced thru a life of living for the sake of others.


In these four years of Hope before welcoming 2020 True Parents gave us another expression of love thru this Grace Period of Forgiveness and New Start! This is done and made possible out of True Mother’s greatest love and concern for us with her hope that we can be living in peace and happiness as we approach the end of times.


I would like to conclude this article by words from True Father’s words on October 20 1973:


Our first step in becoming the true sons and daughters of God is to clearly comprehend God's view of good and evil. We are not concerned with a man-made definition. The eternal standard of good and evil is defined by God. The sharp definition of good and evil existed at the time of His creation, long before evil ever came into being in the Garden of Eden. God is eternal, His law is eternal, and His definition is eternal and unchanging despite the passage of time. God invested all of Himself in His creation. He did not reserve even an ounce of energy. Creation was His total labor, His total effort of giving all of Himself. When God put His entire heart and soul into the creation of His object, He was investing 100 percent of Himself. Therefore, God began existing for the sake of His son and daughter. He exists to love, He exists to give. God is the totally unselfish existence for the sake of His children and the entire creation.


I like this definition of True Love spoken by Father: Give & give and forget what you have given. Forgive and forget even the pains and scars. Sacrifice and forget even the sweat & blood. Invest and invest more and forget what you have invested. These are best expressions of LIVING FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS.*****


My Reflection why SC is wrong!

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by Bishop Winny

first posted in facebook blog: CKTA-WEB-HAUZ·MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2016

On Apr 18 2008 HgJMoon was appointed as president of FFWPUI. (It was a month after Hyo Jin nim's seonghwa and also 12 days after TF asked H1 & KJ to stand on the left & right side of TM representing Cain/Abel respectively in Hawaii to set up the new course of C/A restoration after the eldest son's passing). In TFs prayer this day, TF mentioned about (1). The position of HyoJin nim & HeungJin nim as HgJ’s elder brothers who are true representatives of C/A in the spWorld and (2) HgJ’s mission of resolving resentments of the 3 ages (OT.NT and age of the 2nd Coming)

We should see that it is not the position or authority that they are inheriting immediately and should not be referring to the “persona” himself... BUT TPs are conveying right there and there that IT IS THE BEGINNING of a new providential course of claiming victory between C/A and resolving historical resentments. As TF mentioned in May 3, 1977 speech that the Messiah's role started down from the lowest level following a certain course,that same principle was applied to Mother, and that same principle shall be applied to his own children and to all blessed families.

Going back on the April 6 2008 ceremony in Hawaii, (12days before HgJ’s inauguration) we need to TAKE INTO SERIOUS CONSIDERATION, which the brothers (H1/KJ) were asked by TF to UNITE CENTERING ON TM. (We need to learn from what TF had been doing and dig deeper the significance of every ceremony & declaration he had been proclaiming). Position is twined with HISTORICAL responsibilities and if the CF failed to fulfill it or the mission is left undone, history showed us that God changes the person to continue the FORMULA COURSE (study chapter Predestination of the DP regarding the course of Central Figures)

Then from the sermon HgJ’s gave on Nov 14 2009.. He mentioned TF asked him to convey the following message and had to make sure that members understood it seriously that "if any of the TC or GTC denies TPs or any in-laws, members shld not follow any of them." Why? We need to TRUST TF's intuition. He for sure had seen the possibilities and was giving us the warning. That serious request from TF was made a year & 7 mons after the inauguration. AGAIN we can say that the appointment is not absolute! It all depends on the fulfillment of POR.

In an interview on Nov 24 2009 HgJ mentioned that there's no confusion about succession as long as TM is here. This is in accordance to what TF had clarified with him during their 8 hrs talk. This is ANOTHER ONE BIG ISSUE! This is TFs message to him during their “8-hr talk.....”

From the June 2010 issue of Todays World Magazine... an article of HgJ testifying that there was nobody who had achieved such unity with TF except TM that even he and other disciples couldn’t cope with. He saw firsthand experience that it was only TM who could cope with TF's schedule and activities. He even said TM is not human being in this case. His original mind was still pure to see the greatest spiritual value of the TPs

From the speech in 2011 Apr 4, TF said that the responsible person for the Unification Movement is NOT HgJ nor KJ. On top of them is TM. TF emphasized that WE SHOULD NOT FORGET THIS. Again, why TF had to keep on repeating this issue about successor and top leadership of the entire UM? SIMPLY BECAUSE TF could see the possibilities and again has given us WARNING.

On April 14 2012 TF declared TM as perfected Eve and TF offered that day as the day where the Internal God (HP)and External God (TP) have achieved perfected unity because of the unity of TF and TM as the TRUE PARENTS. TF emphasized this point in the speech that TP = TF + TM. We have to see this as great revelation. TM is the substantial form of God's feminine aspect and through her the unity of GNight & GDay was achieved.

On Jun 5 2012 TF declared the perfected and firm settlement of the TPs who together with God had accomplished 96% of the providence perfectly and that the remaining 4% lies on HTMs in order to build the Kingdom of Heaven. From that day TF said a New History would begin CENTERED on TRUE PARENTS. Just few months before TF's passing, TF declared this very important point.... .

AND on July 16 2012 TF sincerely asked those present during the inauguration of ABEL Women UN to choose the path of TM which is the path of a true daughter, a true wife, a true mother and a true woman leader. TM is the model, TM is the leader, she is the next HEAD after TF.

Then on Aug 13 2012 TF prayed that he had accomplished, perfected and concluded the providence and now is the time for HTM to build the CIG through tribal restoration & community breakthroughs. What was the most important achievement TF had accomplished? Finding TM and perfecting the course of the TPs; establishing the True Family & producing millions of Blessed families worldwide.

Going back in 1990 Mar 1 that TF declared TP = TF + TM. and in Mar 27 1990 TF declared TM as 2nd founder of the church with an equal status with him when it comes to leading the entire movement. and in 1991 Nov 3 TF answered the question Who is the Messiah by saying TF and TM the TPs are the messiah.

a valuable OFFICIAL Statement (1) and OFFICIAL Statement (2) from Japan HQ must be read too

So the speech on Nov 27 1994 when TF said that unless there is a Nation (the Cheon Il Guk) inheritance (and succession) would not be passed down to Children. This had to be taken into serious study which has connection with the Nov 24 2009 speech of HgJ regarding his 8-hr talk with TF about successor. Hyung Jin Moon's time is not yet NOW. TM is still alive and THERE ISN’T YET a NATION.

(note: you can read also my previous post about ISSUE ON SUCCESSION)

HgJ as the “supposed successor” should be the first one to build this CIG nation for God & TPs and the world. This is HgJ’s foremost impt responsibility.

So all the CLAIMS of SCers are null and void.. MEANINGLESS at all when viewed from TFs declarations. Even the claim of 3 crownings for him wasn’t actually entitled for him but it was a declaration of the return of the victorious authority for God.

IF AFTER achieving perfection one can still FALL then even God and the DP are not true. Therefore to say that TM failed at the last minute is absurd.

If the appointment in 2008 April is absolute then all TF words after that are FAKE and valueless.

If TM really disunites with TF and elevated herself above TF as SC claims depicting TM as evil woman who has excessive desire for power and selfish motives, etcs, then their 52-year long relationship of being together and those public appearances that they have been together portraying an immense volume of love with each other could be considered FAKE and just a show-off. (album of TPs lovely pictures together)

Can a genuine love relationship sealed & declared by TF as true love be able to change overnight or right after the lost of the other partner? ABSOLUTELY NO! Because if the SC claim is TRUE, then there’s no hope for the perfection of love. If that is really true, then we shouldn’t believe even True Father because he could be an IMPOSTOR too and UC is false.

If SCers continue to pursue the way of destroying TM & the movement, the more falsehood they would create to justify again and again the lies they have started. The end results of this will be denying the Principle and establishing a tradition that is outside of God which is happening now before our eyes. Worst is ignoring TF which they are doing NOW un-noticeably by ignoring the volumes of TFs words that are not fitted to their claims, purposes & goals.

Denying the other spoken words of True Father in the past decades is similar to a crime they are throwing against TM of changing the TEXTBOOKS because TF said, His words before and now are forever and for eternity.

(note: you can read too my previous post about ISSUE ON 8 TEXTBOOKS and the Official Statement of the FFWPU Korea President and UC History & TPs words compilation committee)

These are the implications of things if we will believe SC claims.

Heaven and hell depends on your choice.

Is TM qualified and authorized to do what she is doing after TFs Seonghwa? ABSOLUTELY YES! APPROVED and CERTIFIED by TFs Words. Editing the textbooks, replacing the leadership, making a system, proclaiming herself as only Begotten daughter, etcs are but JUST RIGHT and authorized because TM is also the Messiah & TPs who is absolutely united with TF and most importantly She is the feminine aspect of God.

Let them who have eyes can read this understand this. Let those who are seriously searching for truth and clarification to confusions clouding some of us find time to reflect from TPs words.

God Bless us All!

NOTE: All speeches quoted here can be read in full text in

Leadership as Define by True Parents

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By Bishop Winny 


How can we best define the word leadership? Through my daily Hoondokhae, i got a great understanding and realization that the Divine Principle & True Parents speeches are amazing sources of leadership principles and managerial system. (read Rev Won Phil Kim's speeches to understand the practical aspect of TPs teaching when it comes to practical leadership)



True Parents emphasized that Leaders are Parents and equating these positions will give us a very important clue that for True Parents “leadership means parenthood.” Therefore any particular group of members that a leader leads is similar to the members of the family that parents are taking care of. This is the very reason why True Parents call our church members, sik-ku (식구;) means "family members"or "mouths to feed".

TPs & HP’s dream is to build ONE world FAMILY under God’s Parenthood centered on the culture of heart (심정문화;) revolving in and governing the family. This is Unification Community.

Unification Faith is a FAMILY not a certain denomination that is why we are called Family Church and Unificationists are true brothers and sisters (진남매;) because Heavenly Parent & TPs are not founders of a certain religion BUT the parents of humanity. Therefore, all Unificationists should be considering this CONCEPT very seriously. Because we share common parents, we are bound to live according to this environment and tradition. True Parents traditions, heart, vision and lifestyle should be ours. This is what we called cultural alignment.


Common problems arise in leadership because

(1) No sense of family environment in our community

(2) No true atmosphere of brothers & sisters relationship

(3) We occupy wrong position at the wrong time

(4) We dont possess the same level of heart as members of the same community.

(5) And it is NOT BECAUSE we lack skills and ability nor we lack experiences to lead but we are deviated from the true concept of leadership base on TPs definition.


These common problems are simply caused by incapably grasping TPs mind and limited heart to love as HP loves. In connection with this, we have to understand that leadership is not one-MAN army. A leader stands as a leader only if she has members, just like a parent can only be called parent if there are children. Leadership is parenthood and has to build that relationship in a heart-centered culture.


Practical Leadership



**National officers down to local leadership should keep the concept of family atmosphere within an association and all leaders are responsible to create such bond from national level down to local areas. We are in the SUBJECT position, the one that leads the way. Therefore the very first thing we need to exemplify is how to possess that parental heart, how to express it genuinely and how to deal with situations in our area of jurisdiction with parental mind. Whether we are born leaders or not, whether we are called or destined for it or not, whether we are qualified or not, all will surely become leaders in our own rights or in any manner. (example of this is our inevitable mission - Heavenly Tribal Messiah)

**As leaders within our Unification faith community, we need to see to it that HP & TPs Words, Will and Works should be our top priority goals and focus. These should be where our energies, time and efforts are. Their Words, WILL & Works should be OURS. This is attendance! This is strategic alignment.

**In leadership, responsibility within a position is of primary importance. We should put more weights in understanding and conceptualizing how to actualize the responsibilities behind it. Results are the manifestation and certification of our position. Dignity comes in the accomplishment of our responsibilities.

**Leaders must show the way! If God’s providence is in this direction, if God’s goal is defined, leaders must be the first to show the path to achieving them. Leaders must be the first to go in the frontline even it means suffering and pain. 

We are not all born leaders, we lack in many ways, but heaven is not working base on ABILITIES alone, this is secondary. God works base on the purity of our hearts, principled attitude and strong determination.


Successful leadership comes on 3 points


(1) Amazing results come not from “Me-you or us” actually but from God & spirit world. It is arrogance to say that it came from “MY” ability!

(2) our absolute unity with God’s Will, Works and Words (this is foundation of faith) and

(3) true unity with our members forming heartistic bond of parent & child with them (this is foundation of substance).


As we can’t neglect or afford to lose our family members, let’s do our best to give importance to each other and should feel the pain of losing any of our church members too. While LOVE is the one enveloping our family, let’s do our best to make the spirit of LOVE as the binding force too within our faith community. As we are used to practice the system of younger & elder siblings and parent & child positions in our family, let us do our best to bring that tradition ALIVE in our community too from national level down to local areas.


Let’s make God happy and hopeful by building that God’s family in our very own community of faith. That “ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD’s parenthood!”


Some inspirational quotes from True Parents  courtesy of

A great leader is a man who has the spirit to be able to accomplish great things without a penny, and such a boundless heart that he can embrace the whole world.

You can become a leader only after you occupy the position of unchanging teacher and unchanging parent and loyal subject before the unchanging God.

Leaders can never lead without tears.

The taller a tree grows, the deeper its root becomes in the soil. A tree whose root is shallow will either wither away or be uprooted by the strong wind. A leader is like a root.

A leader must have the courageous character to make great decisions, as though cutting something in two with a sword. He must be big enough to see a mountain as if it were a small thing, or at times small enough to investigate things like a tiny hair carefully. At times he must be strict enough even to disregard his own kin, yet so benevolent that he is unable to step on an insect.

A leader must: suffer more than anyone else, become an offering, and become a master of the suffering heart. He must embody these attitudes and practice them before anything else.

If someone does not come to you, you must strive to have him come.

In order to become a true master, you have to: establish the God-centered idea of possession, have a strong sense of responsibility, and offer your things and not others' in your service to God.

God needs men of the following types and of nothing else:the type of man whom a leader can call and consult with, and the type of man whom a leader can command. We leaders should leave the tradition that we have become crazy for God.

However poor you become, don't be taken care of by Family members. Instead have the attitude that it is mortifying that you cannot give something to them.

The higher and more precious your position, the more responsible you should feel. You should also have hope for the future.

If a predecessor is successful then his successor will also be victorious.

A chief priest must not have an idea of possession since he is an offering.

A leader should become: a fervent person, a tasteful person, a needed person, an exemplary person, a person who seeks to sacrifice himself before seeking joy, and a person who knows the situation and his mission.

A leader is not happy. On the contrary, he is extremely miserable. He has to collide with this world to establish a new historical tradition.

A pioneer is always lonely because he is ahead of others. In his path he has no companion. He copes with materials and creates new ones. A pioneer, therefore, has neither history nor connection.

If someone takes offense at a church director, a Family member who is spiritually older than the church director should emerge. Otherwise, the way of witnessing is completely blocked. Make up for your leader's shortcomings and help him grow. He who judges his own leader is the king of Cains. But he who conceals his leader's faults and tries to take responsibility for him will stand in Abel's position some day.



3 Great things about True Mother

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By Bishop Winny Cayme

President Sa, wife of the late President Hyo-Won Yoo belongs to the first 3 couples who got blessed in 1960 had compiled her testimonies about the things she directly & personally learned from True Parents. She had personally attended True Mother in the early days especially after the Holy Wedding in 1960 where she learned much practical education from those experiences.

True Father told her that there are 3 great things about True Mother that we need to be proud of:

True Mother is very spiritual.

True Father believes that this quality of Mother is very precious aspect of her being the wife of the Messiah. As we all know when TF was still alive Mother was just always beside TF and didn’t speak much. President Sa related some incidents in the early days that when TF would be stuck in some decisive moments, here comes Mother who seldom spoke would offer a suggestion which TF realized to be exactly the right thing to do at the moment. According to her TF was very amazed of TM regarding this point because even though TM spoke only few words, those words were very helpful to Father’s mission.

True Mother is very obedient.

True Father testified that Mother has that absolute obedience towards him. There was one situation, according to President Sa as she attended Mother, that even a week after the birth of Hyun Jin nim, Mother’s body was still swollen and there were still blood coming out of her. However, Father told Mother to join him in a tour and Mother never explained a word nor showed her real condition. According to her, at that time Mother hid herself in a corner and cried in prayer that her heart was deeply broken because her body wouldn’t move as she wanted to serve heaven well.

Basing this on human point of view, Mother’s physical body condition required her to rest and she could complain about this to Father but on a contrary, Mother’s tears and prayers were a repentful one that she couldn’t attend Heaven absolutely well due to her physical limitations.

In addition to this part, President Sa mentioned that TM is the top placer when it comes to ENDURANCE. She observed and proven to herself personally how Mother endured in following Father which many of the early disciples and even our leaders now couldn’t perfectly endure being with Father. However 24/7 in 365 days for 52 years Mother was with Father and never gave any single shame to Father.

An example of this testimony was President Sa’s narration regarding TF's style of speaking for long hours and she observed Mother never even moved her head nor dozed off while many of them had to move theirs in all directions to keep themselves up listening to Father speech.

True Mother has a very deep heart.

According to Father “heart” or “shimjeong” is a combination of internal & external love. External love is the expression and Internal love is the root. Shimjeong naturally spring forth endlessly. According to President Sa, Father always testified the deepness of Mother’s heart and love for God & the members.

She said, Mother never had a concept of possession. Mother used to give away many of her precious belongings to members especially to those who worked hard in the frontline. Naturally, True Parents receive personal gifts from other people all over the world, but Mother’s attitude according to President Sa was, TM always thinks about “others”. Mother’s concern is for those who need those precious items more than her. Even the diamond ring TF gave Mother as a wedding gift was given away too.

Father told President Sa, because of Mother’s greatest love for God & humanity, in the future everything will come to Mother and anybody attending Mother will inherit such great fortune too.

True Father's words about True Mother

"Mother is by nature an introspective and quiet person, but she has learned to be observant about her surroundings and has become extremely active. This is the result of the training she has received since she met me. She is indeed a quiet and well-mannered woman.

Before our wedding, when she visited Cheongpa-dong, she would always come and go the same path. I observed her behavior carefully. She took the same path the first time she came and again the second time she came.

In those days I was looking for a woman who could become the mother and I was giving the matter a lot of consideration. When I saw how Mother chose to walk along the same path each time, I said to myself, "She is the one."

Also, I was pleased with her name, Hak Ja Han. Her surname, Han, refers both to the study of Chinese classics and to a feeling of bitter sorrow. Her name suggests a scholar researching deeply about God. I thought that if a woman could become a scholar of bitter sorrow, she could certainly become God's partner. I liked Mother's surname and her given name.

Because of her background, I trained her and she has come to where she is today. So I'm proclaiming her victory as the True Mother. As a representative of all women, she has crossed the mountain of bitter sorrow. That is why I'm proclaiming her to be the root of all mothers."

{CSG Book 2 p.158}


Practically Attending Heaven

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By Bishop Winny 



For me, "attendance life" draws the line between heaven & hell in terms of my relationship with True Parents. It is not something that I can ignore since I started my life of faith nearly 30 years back.


Why I think like this? True Father said, “The age of attendance refers to the age of the Kingdom of Heaven in everyday life.” (161-218). “Those who have prepared to attend and lead a life of attendance everyday can enter that Kingdom. Thus, it is the kingdom where we can be eternally proud of our preparation and our practice of attendance life to God and the whole universe.” (8-307). “We are taught that we will receive salvation through attendance. You therefore have to serve True Parents, and you have to establish conditions, which God can remember, whatever sorrows and pains may happen to you. You should establish such conditions that will please God, however small they may be.” (13-310).


Here are some of the things I thought are simple attendance life that has contributed greatly in my life of faith:


40 Holy Songs

I like listening to music & singing secular songs was my hobby before I joined the church. However after my first pledge service in 1987, I suddenly felt guilty. I realized I should be enjoying song with God first before myself. So I determined to memorize FIRST & foremost the 40 Holy Songs before I would have the qualification to sing again all my favorite songs. And Yes I did that before I took CARP leadership in 1989



Cleaning the Toilet:

I dislike dirty jobs so bathrooms are disgusting areas (including garbages) for me… but when I became Fulltime, the first 120-day jeongseong condition I did was cleaning the toilet of the church as early as 4am just before the 5am morning service. I did that with all my heart with it thinking that all the dirts and pungent smells of the toilet are similar to my fallen natures and fallen lifestyle, therefore cleaning those is symbolically washing away my old self. From then on toilet became a beautiful place for me.

Another important point is to see the value of the toilet. As the whole house represents our entire body, TF said, toilet represents our “most holy place” (sexual organ). So how important it is to maintain its cleanliness and sanitation. It determines how we value our purity & chastity too. When I was assigned in Phil HQ in 1993 as lecturer, I really made sure HQ toilet was fitted for the word COMFORT ROOM



TPs favorite songs

Omma (Dr Julia Kim) told us that if True Parents would like to know who we are during our first meeting with them, usually True Father asks the member(s) to sing or to give lecture. WHY? Singing and lecturing reveal our inner self right from the moment we stand to the way we carry and conduct ourselves in front of the True Parents. From that time I became desirous to learn their favorite songs. I know it is not about voice but it is about attending God & TPs.

The songs should not be my choice but songs that will please, comfort or relax THEM as they listen. That time I memorized “Danny Boy” and even its guitar chords. Another one is “Hogong”. Just recently I heard TM likes “그 놈에 사랑 때문에” “사랑 찾아 인생을 찾아” . I think singing songs that can’t touch their heart is a meaningless rendition.



Worship Service

It is not just another Sunday. It is attendance day! It is my TIME TITHE. Many of us take Worship Service for granted and just freely use their time for themselves. In my case, there were times also that I really didn’t feel like going to the church on Sunday (here in Korea) which is different from being absent due to important schedule or because I am sick. In that case, I just stayed at home and spent my time doing HDH or any other spiritual activities. I couldn’t easily use that day for leisure or individual purpose. Many times, I use it for witnessing thru cyber networks. Even though some friends found out I am free, I have guilty feelings to enjoy alone for myself. Worship Service is like vitamin for my spirit self. Attending Worship Service is taking supplementary nutrients for our spiritual life.




For a hard up life having to meet both ends, tithing, sometimes is hard to bear. In my case, I’m not perfect also in tithing life not because I hesitate to give but due to the limited budget in my pocket. However, I couldn’t let the month go by without giving any donation or material offering to the church. Never did I think that the money I offered or had given to the church is my contribution or financial support, not even thinking it as an obligation. Honestly, not even once I had that in mind.

For me, tithing is my attendance life. I believe strongly and confidently that to be blessed more with material fortune, I should not skip tithing and NOT able to do it leave me feeling so guilty all throughout the month. Tithing is blood for my spirit self. If the blood is dirty & cloggy, the body is sickly. Therefore offering our tithes is similar to cleansing our blood and allowing it to flow freely to make our spirit healthy.




It’s not just for the sake of membership in the church as I always mentioned in my lecture. It is the way to comfort God’s painful heart due to the lost of His children. Witnessing is the one of the best medicine to cure God’s broken hearted condition and to ease the 6000years pain in His heart. For me, witnessing is my life, without it I might die. TF said witnessing is the formation stage of lecturing (growth stage). Witnessing or Lecturing is water for my spirit self. If the body is 70% water, our spiritual life should be doing 70% witnessing or lecturing condition.



Daily Reading and Meditation

If morning HDH is the way to perfection for sure, I wouldn’t be perfect. Though I do daily hoondokhae, honestly, I must confess that I couldn’t maintain doing it in the MORNING. I’m a night owl and not an early bird. Despite the fact I do HDH everyday in my preferred time, im struggling everyday about that because TPs are doing it all throughout their lives early in the morning. However for the sake of spiritual life, we have to keep in mind that God’s words are food for my spirit self. If we can’t afford to let a day pass without eating we should see to it that our spirit self should be taking its daily nutrition too.



Always think of doing everything for the sake HP & TP because if not, our sacrifices & suffering would be a waste of time carrying no value at all in front of Heaven. Attendance life is God & TPs FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. I have lots of simple issues to share about practical lifestyle but just these few points this time.


Loyalty & Filial Piety (Choong Hyo )

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By Bishop Winny 


Loyalty & Filial Piety = 충효 (Choong Hyo) in Korean language.



30 years ago I started TongIl MooDo (TIMD) training that I first heard the word Choong Hyo. It was a popular sound every time we greet our instructor with a bow in or out of the Dojang (training hall) or greet our co-practioners wherever we meet each other.

Choong Hyo is the basic tenet of TIMD and it is the core philosophy. I thought it was just as simple as that. However as I grow to maturity and in understanding True Parens words I realized it has a very deep significance and importance.

How important Choong Hyo is?


True Father said: “You will enter God's original kingdom only if you absolutely go the way of loyalty and filial piety, but you will double-back one hundred eighty degrees and then drop straight into hell if you oppose it.” (280-135, 1996.11.24) “The filial sons and daughters who can lovingly relate to God even in the position of great misfortune must comfort the heart of the unfortunate head of the household, whether it is the king or the parents. Then such a son and daughter should single-handedly tackle all the problems surrounding the situation and solve them. Those having such a mind of loyalty and filial piety will go to the Kingdom of Heaven.” (19-300, 1968.3.10)

Why is it that important?


It’s because God is a PARENT, the God who longs to live with His children of the same level of heart as His. “An heir of the heart is not an heir who just talks, or someone who merely appears to be an heir, or one who is having a good time; but rather the one who takes ownership of his parents' sadness and suffering, agonizes and grieves in place of his father, and struggles to establish the way to manifest the duty of loyalty and filial piety before Heaven. Only such people can stand before Heaven.” (9-30, 1960.4.3)

Results of the Fall:


History had shown us that before God could enjoy life with His creation Satan snatched and killed A/E who supposedly the first born son & daughter of God & progenitors of His lineage. From the time of the fall, God lost everything in His hands and His heart was broken into pieces. God lost His authority as PARENT, Teacher, Ruler and Owner of His entire creation. He was dumped by Satan and was abandoned by His children. That’s how painful and miserable reality of God was at the time of the fall while humanity lost the TRUST from God that couldn’t be recovered easily.

God’s Hope:


Without that son and daughter who can be the perfect object of God’s heart and a perfect resemblance of His personalities, God, even though how great He maybe wouldn’t be able to claim His rightful position as almighty God over His creation.

God without the substantial forms of masculinity & femininity reflecting the passage in Gen 1:26 (let’s create man in our image, man & woman He created them) couldn’t be able to dominate the entire universe and wouldn’t be able to complete the purpose of creation even though how omnipotent He might be.

Such needed children are what we called loyal & filial sons & daughters. They are to be the couple whom God had been longing all throughout history that would liberate God, as TF said: “Who will liberate God? Filial children who resolved to fulfill their duties of loyalty and filial piety with utmost devotion must appear and bear all responsibility for God’s anguish associated with the cross. Such sons and daughters must appear. You have to understand that if we fail this, God will not be liberated.” (101-255, 1978.11.1)

2000 years ago Jesus came to stand on that position. He showed us the path of being children of heaven and started calling God, Heavenly Father. However, the fulfillment of God’s wish wasn’t fulfilled in his time and the book of Revelation chapter 22 clearly indicated that there would be another Bible Testament that would teach us the Advent of the Marriage of the Lamb and His Bride which was materialized in 1960 by Father Sun Myung Moon & Mother Hak Ja Han-Moon.

The core of God’s ideal is a true man & a true woman who would be His filial children, and then they as a couple would eventually become the True Parents of humanity. The two are destined to be the complete, perfect and eternal representatives of God, the Heavenly Parent. And we found that HOPE when True Parents finally emerged with victories years after years since 1960.

“The True Parents are the ones who have fulfilled the traditional duties of children of filial piety in the family, patriots or loyal subjects in the nation, saints in the world, and divine son and daughter in heaven and earth.” (266-145, 1994.12.22)

True Parents our Model!


We all know that True Parents manifested and perfected the life of loyalty & filial piety towards heaven and their entire life is only dedicated to fulfill God’s Will. They have lived in pains and in suffering and yet never have waver even an iota in front of death because of their “great love for God”, their commitment, “to liberate HIM and comfort His broken heart”.

ONLY thru the victorious foundations and perfect manifestations of TPs loyalty & filial piety to God that God could start trusting humankind again. THEY ARE, and nobody anymore can become the Alpha & Omega as written in the Book of revelation, the FIRST FRUITS as stated in 1 Corinthians chap 15, and the VINE (John Chap 15). True Parents are the victorious ROOTS forever & for eternity and we are just the branches!

What then is Choong Hyo?


Loyalty and Filial Piety are not just  teachings from a book. These two words are not simple.

Choong Hyo are way of life of both internal heart, faith and love; and external lifestyle of obedience & submission towards God & True Parents. Only on this foundation can God’s trust be given and God’s love be inherited.

What should we do?



1. We have to be absolutely one with HP & TPs just like TPs' absolute unity and oneness with God.

2. We need to be perfectly aligned vertically with them. Their dreams should be our vision, Their Will should be our mission and Their thoughts & words should be our lifestyle.

3. Knowing their deepest pains and greatest happiness is to join them in their journey to the fulfillment of God’s original plan while carrying their burdens, and, assuring them of its completion are the two greatest expressions of our filial hearts towards them.

4. We need to be grafted onto our True Parents (Romans chap 11) as an absolute command. Our life of heartistically attending them is the only sure way that our path to heaven is opened and secured.

5. Through a life of absolute faith, love, obedience and unity with them can we be able to learn the model course of loyalty & filial piety which is the most impt and basic requirement to enter the land of Cheon Il Guk.

Let’s do our best to become such people in front of heaven and earth that our True Parents can be proud of. *****

Summarizing True Parents Providence

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By Bishop Winny


After the 3rd Cosmic Seonghwa Ceremony of Father, literally speaking, we have entered into the 2nd phase of Vision 2020 where the focus of our mission is shifted from internal development to foundation for expansion before God’s providence of building the kingdom of God on earth can be settled.

Vision 2020 is a 7-yr course providence which is paralleled to the 1st 7 yr course (1960-1967) offered by True Parents in the beginning of a new era right after their Holy Wedding in 1960. However that 1st 7-yr course was the start of the “restoration providence” centering on True Father & True Mother together as the True Parents in the realm of indemnity. While the 7-yr course of Vision 2020 is the conclusion of the providence and the substantial building of God’s Cheon Il Guk nation in the realm of kingship and cosmic peace.

Overview of True Parents mission-work to settle the Providence of Restoration – Resurrection – Re-Creation:


1. True Parents settled God:


A. In 1968, 7 years after the Holy Wedding of True Parents, they have declared God’s Day. This was the result of Father’s victories thru paying indemnity of the 6000 history of failure AND of Mother’s victorious foundation of absolute unity with Father within 7 years following their holy wedding. God’s position was lost due to the fall of Eve. The most important condition to finally restore it is the victories of True Mother in a restored Eve position

B. In 2001, The Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship was held on January 13. It means that God could stand in the original position. Also, God’s letter to True Parents on December 28, 2001 symbolizes that God succeeded His kingship to True Parents. The True Parents’ Entrance Ceremony to Cheon Jeong Gung on June 13, 2006 means that God, the vertical True Parent, settled down to the earth for the first time in human history on the foundation of the unity of True Parents and True Children. (from the lecture on the providential history by professor Taek Yong Oh)

C. In 2009 the “Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings” was held 3 times: on January 15, 2009 (Formation Stage), January 31, 2009 in Korea (Growth Stage), and January 31, 2009 in New York (Completion Stage).

It means that God’s authority of Totality, Generality, Full Power, and Omnipotence was liberated, and now there is no accusation from Satan. God can freely exercise everything. Then, after the Coronation, True Parents came to become God’s body and freely exercise God’s authority as His body. Therefore, the Coronation corresponds to the starting point that God and True Parents govern heaven and earth. (from the lecture on the providential history by professor Taek Yong Oh)

D. In 2013 Foundation Day, the Marriage of the God of Night & God of Day; the invisible Heavenly Parent & the visible True Parents took place. This is the result of True Parents victorious foundation of their Firm settlement as True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind and their absolute oneness with Heavenly Parent

2. True Parents settled the Position of True Parents:


A. 1960 Holy Wedding – the liberation of True Parents. For the 1st time in human history God’s only begotten son & only begotten daughter appeared on the earth

B. 1990 Holy wedding – the world level proclamation of the True Parents after the wilderness course.

C. 2003 Holy Wedding – the cosmic proclamation of the King & Queen of Heavenly Kingdom after True Parents have crowned God as the King of Kings in 2001.

D. 2009 Holy Wedding – the perfection Blessing of True Parents on the cosmic level and the affirmation of their absolute oneness with Heavenly Parent taking the position as God’s substantial bodies on the earth.

E. 2010-2012 Golden Wedding Anniversaries are 3 Holy Wedding Celebrations of True Parents representing formation, growth and completion stage, a proclamation of the perfection of the True Parents as the Substantial Manifestation of God as the Heavenly Parent with perfected masculinity & femininity.

3. True Parents settled God’s Homeland of Korea:


A. After the creation of 38th parallel - DMZ zone separating North & South, it gave God another greatest heartache next to the pain of losing His children due to the Fall. The division of North & South Korea is a proof of the existence of satan’s false sovereignty. Unless this demarcation line is dissolve, God’s heartache couldn’t be resolved.

B. God’s dream is not only individuals but restoration of the world. More so, God’s dream is not only for human’s salvation but the establishment of God’s Kingdom on the earth. True Parents toiled and labored with their sweat blood and tears to recover one by one by laying solid foundations expanded to the world level so that God could claim Korea again.

C. Only at the time of cosmic proclamation of True Parents in 2008 July that Korea restored itself to be God’s Homeland and the central nation of Cheon Il Guk. The settlement of God’s Homeland should be made possible on TPs providential timetable on 2020 and onward after achieving its substantial position.

4. True Parents settled God’s Words:


A. God’s work of creation started with the “Word’. The original “word” was lost due to the Fall. The Explanation & Exposition of the Divine Principle Books are for the course of restoration. However, when things are settled by True Parents victories and foundations human spiritual & intellectual levels are already capable of digesting and comprehending the truth. Finally in 2008 the Original Substance of the Divine Principle was inaugurated. OSDP is the principle centering on God, God’s heart & God’s will in the course of restoration.

B. Nonetheless when the advancement of the providence went beyond the course of restoration to the original course of humanity, True Parents inaugurated the Hooy Scriptures: Cheon Seong Gyeong (textbook of life for all blessed families) & Pyeong Hwa Gyeong (textbook of how to build the ideal world).

C. In the beginning was the Word, God is the word and the word became flesh and dwelt among us. The WORD is the LOGOS the original blueprint of human beings. The perfection of True Parents is the completion of that LOGOS that exist before the creation.

April 14 2012 speech, True Parents declared the firm settlement of the True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind and the Substantial Word. Which means God=TPs=Word = ABSOLUTE ONENESS - they are inseparable!

D. Finally God’s Word had been settled when the Chambumo Gyeong was published in 3 major languages (Korean-Japanese-English). It signifies the completion of completion. The settlement of God’s words thru the 3 Holy Scriptures signifies that the mission of the Messiah, the True Parents is already finished and ushered us to a new era.

5. True Parents settled Blessed Families:


A. Stages of Internal Settlement

1. Blessing Providence

• Church Blessing (1960-2009) = providence of restoration of sin & indemnity

• National Level Blessing (2010) = providence of resurrection of life & registration

• Foundation Blessing (2013) = providence of re-creation or actual rebirth from the womb of Heavenly Parent & True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind

2. All those providential courses of the blessings internally settled all blessed families according to our rightful position and these all became possible ONLY because of the sacrifices, suffering and selfless love, undying dedication – commitment & strong will of True Parents by paying indemnity for all of us.

B. Condition for External Settlement

1. HOWEVER, we have to fulfill our 5% share of responsibility for our completion & external settlement, and that is the fulfillment of our Heavenly Tribal Mission. Father’s last prayer is the bequeathal of their mission to the Blessed Families as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

2. Mother’s speech Sept 12, 2012: The physical and spiritual completion of Cheon Il Guk on earth becomes possible when tribal messiahs fulfill their mission.

3. This is our last course to fulfill. Our last mission and the ONLY REQUIREMENT for our EXTERNAL SETTLEMENT as blessed families.

4. Tribal Mission Providential development

1981 Home Church

1987 Tong Ban Kyeok Pah

1991 Tribal Messiah

2005 Hoon Dok Family Church

2012 (April) Education of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs by Father

2013 (Sept) Proclamations of Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence by TPs.

2014 (Oct) Dispatch of HTMs to the world.

6. Settlement of Tribes thru Homegroups


A. National restoration is thru HTM’s activities

B. HTM is the over-all director, leader and manager of a community of different home churches that are led by homegroups leaders doing pastoral works for the entire tribe’s education, development and maintenance. xxxx



Lets prepare and be well equipped to dash forward with great confidence that we are doing these responsibilities as we are concluding the history being the representative of the Cosmic Heavenly Parent & True Parents of Heaven & Earth & Humankind. The more we settle God & TPs, the more we are concretely settling ourselves, our positions and our blessed families as well. ****


Absolute Obedience & Fulfillment of Responsibility

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By Bishop Winny



It is an undeniable fact that after the Fall we lost (4 things) in the garden of Eden: God’s word & trust / the material world / our position as children / and, God’s parenthood. While in the growing period, God didn’t relate to A/E directly but they were guided only thru the WORD as God’s manifestation until they reached their maturity and perfection.

Compared with all the creations that grew by just following the principle of creation, man was the only created being that God gave portion of RESPONSIBILITY to fulfill with and that is to OBEY the heavenly will. We have to clearly understand our differences with animals (refer to picx Man-Animals) of which neglecting those 4 important points would just drag us as just beautiful monkeys and handsome gorillas in the animal kingdom as taught by science.

Obedience is the only responsibility required by God for A/E to completely inherit God’s position, authority & dominion. It is the only necessary condition for man to become God’s absolute partners of love and the substantial external features. However, we knew things were turned upside down due to not fulfilling their responsibility.

There are 3 kinds of OBEDIENCE (refer to picx Obedience). The most important of the 3 is 복종 (bokjong = absolute submission of heart) where we completely give ourselves up in following heavenly will w/o any self reservation, complaints and self vested motives. 복종 is what can restore God’s TRUST. Since we don’t relate to God directly or with our TPs, the only best way of attending them is through our “bokjong”.

From the proclamation of Foundation Day all blessed families who received the blessing were all placed in the position as newly born A/E and entered God’s providential time frame that is beyond the realm of the fall & indemnity which means, the completion stage, the final stage that A/E didn’t go through. Since this level was untraveled by fallen man, the MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT TO FULFILL IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD, in order to restore what A/E failed to accomplish in their growing period.

Because of the tremendous sacrifices and painful indemnity conditions made & offered by our True Parents, we were able to avail the grace of Foundation Day Blessing. This is a huge fortune tantamount to bringing us back to where we originally belong even without any indemnity condition being made by us. It even erased the past failure of 6000 years history including our own individual records of sins and wrongdoings. We owed all these things from True Parents and we can never ever repay this debt of gratitude even for eternity. 

We are traversing the cross-road of history and ushering the new age of Cheon Il Guk, the era paralleled to the completion stage, the level A/E didn’t get into therefore we need to restore all the things they failed to accomplish centering on LISTENING to God’s voice and obedience to God’s words only. 

Our True Mother have given us condition of 3 years mourning following TFs seonghwa with an attitude of absolute unity with our True Parents with all our hearts, minds, body & spirit. A life without complain and an attitude of determination to fulfill our responsibilities categorized into: (3 Ps) = personal, public and providential (refer to picture Responsibility).


As we are in the final realm of God’s dispensation, we need to be completely focus and absolutely united with our True Parents centering on True Mother who are the only people who WENT BEYOND THE REALM of human fall and the SUBSTANTIAL MANIFESTATION OF GOD’S DEITY on the earth. Apart from them there is no life. Activities that are not vertically connected to the call of the age are temporal and have no contribution to the advancement of the providence.

ONLY with our TPs as the eternal center, the absolute standard of goodness, truth, lifestyle and faith, the hopes of the ages, can there be real success and true happiness where solutions to all worlds’ problems can be found. Only with our absolute unity with them and the fulfillment of our responsibility & the goals of our original course (the 3 great blessings) can we find our peaceful victorious satisfactory place in heaven and on the earth. ***


why i choose this faith

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This is my personal reflection

While & until True Mother is in direct control, i have FULL CONFIDENCE & GREAT HOPES in the direction of where our FUTURE is heading to ....All other arising issues are just last attempt of (Satan) evil-influenced groups to block the providence of building the ideal world of love peace & harmony. Though those problems may appear to be true or real, still the main issue is - SATAN is blocking us to fulfill the most important requirement of the present providential age - that is ABSOLUTE UNITY towards our True Parents centering on True Mother.

In God's Kingdom, ONLY the Heavenly Parent & True Parents will be the central absolute sovereignty. God is the absolute standard. TPs are the manifestation of God's deity. There is only one set of True Parents in history and from them all of humankind, the Blessed families as well as the True Children are only the CHILDREN forever in front of heaven & earth. We represent Cain & Abel in position respectively. we can be true parents for our tribe BUT not for the entire cosmos.

History told us why God's ideal wasnt realize in the Garden of Eden with A/E... it was because they failed to absolutely unite with their Parent - God. They allowed the self-centered ego of Lucifer to dominate their minds and poisoned their hearts that led them to commit the FALL.

In the last course of human history of salvation, that ABSOLUTE UNITY with HP (God) and True Parents has to be restored by each of us including the true children without exemption. That is the condition to restore TRUST from heaven. Absolute unity with True parents is the restoration of hearts. Any member who doubted the authority of True Mother must review once again our understanding of the Divine Principle and True Father's words and must learn one more time the course of restoration providence to see how, when and where satan casts his last attempt to block God's Will. A single inch of doubt is very dangerous in this period and a single inch of "I-me-my-mine-myself" idea is what satan is constantly waiting for from us. We all need to be careful with our humanistic minds, self-centered motivation and impure hearts in this last course of God's providence. We need to be vigilant because of satan's last attempt strategy.

you cant say you love True Parents and have faith in them WHILE you agree and believe on those people who are going against the parents' will unless you dont believe True Mother as the substantial partner of True Father. If we believe that True Parents are TF + TM, there's no way to doubt and be confused. What we need to do now is to unite with our TPs and do our portionof responsibility. Why become confused? BECAUSE: we doubt TM's position and authority. we lack faith that heaven can be mobilized to solve the problems if we are united with the Messiah. we become more humanistic centered than spiritually centered. we become more externally concerened than internally settled. These are what satan has introduced in our life.

True Father said: what is a TRUE MAN? he is the person with his Words, Thoughts Actions and Lifestyle are in complete harmony centered on God's will. We cant be lukewarm to play safe in this confused environment. We need to stand firm for our decision for the sake of heavenly will and our future generations. You have to use True Father's words too to gauge if the person is true or not. True Father said also that if we want to know if the person's messages are really genuine or not, we have to check the beginning content and the concluding message if they are connected with each other. A true person must have his messages completely in harmony from beginning point to the concluding part and should match with his actions, behavior and lifestyles too. Simply basing on this we can easily determine already who is true or not... SO WHY have to be confused? Lets all go back to our right senses! Everything is crystal clear.

The entire cosmos must bow down in gratitude, humility and in repentance in front of our Heavenly Parent (God) and our True Parents for not being the TRUE person yet in front of heaven and earth.****

Most Important Condition

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by Bishop Winny

When the providence is concluding, God is giving us the requirements to fulfill, condition to be accomplished and time frame when it is expected to be finished.


On the last few days of True Father before he ascends, he made sure through his prayers that everything is concluded, completed and perfected and now is the time for the Heavenly Tribal Messiahs to emerge and do their responsibilities as True Parents' successors and representatives. The fulfillment of this providence is our victory and justification before heaven.


In the Old Testament, people are justified thru offering and we knew that almost all the central figures in history of the OTA, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and even Cain did the "offering" requirement of the age. However, we have learned that history was prolonged thru the failures.


Next, Moses was called carrying the 10 commandments as Heavenly Laws as the next stage for God to build a nation and a requirement for people's justification. Nonetheless, he wasn’t able to make it to Canaan, neither his people. The coming of Jesus was the fulfillment, the fruit and the most awaited part of history toiled by God for 4000 years of pains and sufferings. And yet, God's providence did not meet its conclusion in victory but have to wait for the second advent of the Lord.


In the course of restoration, we can see that central figures have fulfilled the requirement of the age and even those auxiliary parties in the providence have tried to fulfill their job in each particular era. BUT why is it, there was always prolongation and failure? The external requirement varies according to different ages but the internal condition is only one and absolute. And we could see that despite the external requirements were fulfilled; the internal condition was left unsuccessful. We have to know what this very DELICATE INTERNAL CONDITION is.


Only True Parents were able to conclude, complete and perfect the providence because of their victories. If we are really learning from True Parent's words, lifestyle and victories, we will surely understand what is lacking, where the failures come from and where can we pick up the victorious path BECAUSE TRUE PARENTS only had discovered the secret of heaven thru the fulfillment of that internal condition for victory.


What is now the providence in Cheon Il Guk era? The core people are the Heavenly Tribal Messiahs and the external requirement is to accomplish our 430 Families. The moment we hear this number, the response in our minds determine the course we are heading to. Even the higher leadership couldn’t say a thing how could this be possibly done. Almost all of us find it too big to be true. But that is the external requirement


What is that most critical INTERNAL CONDITION?

It’s the absolute unity of heart with God and with True Parents!

Many had fulfilled the external requirement but not all have established the internal condition. When True Father was undergoing the 7 ordeals in his life, those were truly life and death situations and nobody was expected to survive on those tortures. But True Father lived as old as 92 years of age.


I remembered one lecture in Cheongpyeong during our 10-day seminar in 1996, it says that "because of True Father's absolute unity with God" that he could survive those deaths arenas where hope for survival was impossible. However, TF emerged with life and victory. Through that absolute unity in heart with God, True Parents could stand as the substantial body of Heavenly Parents on earth and the victorious True Parents of heaven-earth-humankind.


As we are now in the providence of Heavenly Tribal Messiah which means, we are to succeed True Parents by inheriting their hearts, minds, love, truth and will. To do this we shouldn't forget that internal condition is very important. As the world was shocked by one Filipino and Thai couples thru the fulfillment of the external requirement of 430 families, we have to absolutely believe it's possible! However, we shouldn’t forget that together with this external requirement is the need of the fulfillment of that internal condition.


We can't do this reluctantly and carelessly just to show off or for competition or to show proof or whatever selfish mind Satan would dictate us. We need to fulfill this external requirement along with that internal condition in order to emerge a true victorious individuals & families. As the providence progresses, our church are developing externally, our system is becoming stable, but sometimes we tend to forget the most basic part of our life of faith that is "developing our personal relationship with God and TPs in heart" and just focus on fulfilling goals and directions of our community.


As True Mother said, we need to bring closure in our lives with victory. The ownership of the providence is now shifted to all of us as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. We need to own the Cheon Il Guk by doing our responsibilities. If we really understand God's heart, we have to live in gratitude and love always. In this way we can appreciate all people around us and digest even our difficult circumstances. Also TM said that if we want to live up to our faith, we need to move our bodies and bring results. She is giving us another chance and the conclusion is that we should no longer postpone fulfilling our responsibility.


If we really want to succeed we need to begin with the basic, "Unity in heart with God & True Parents". It will allow us to be justified in front of heaven and will surely give hope and joy to our True Parents. Let's all try our best to become the pride of our True Parents. ****


Life of attendance

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by Bishop Winny


Attendance is often times mistaken to be just serving the Abel figure, extending hands or support, or practicing any form of ritualistic tradition we have in our community. However, I think it is not that way.


First and foremost, why Attendance life is needed?When Adam & Eve disobeyed God and many central figures in human history failed to fulfill their promises before heaven, God couldnt give 100% trust to humankind unless we could establish a condition where we can be trusted and be claimed again by heaven as true children. During the Fall, absolute unity with God was lost, the heartistic relationship was lost and the original position of parent & child was lost. Therefore LIFE OF ATTENDANCE is meant to restore these things.


To whom do we attend? We need to attend God and it is through our True Parents as their substantial representatives. Just to serve the True Parents externally doesnt make sense and meaningless UNLESS we do that with a mind that we understand their true hearts. To restore absolute unity and heartistic relationship of parent & child is not easy. It requires understanding the deepest part of parents' heart and feeling it to the marrow of our bones. Unless we have gone through this, serving our True Parents are just superficial that sometimes we just do it out of duty or as a form of responsibility and rituals. As a result, relating to True Parents sometimes becomes a show-off or temporal and sometimes it even leads us to be arrogant and boastful of our position.


True Attendance is a natural lifestyle of a child of filial piety. It is a life of heartistic relationship between us and True Parents centered on pure love of a parent & child toward each other. When we can reach the level that we understand the deepest heart of the True Parents, we will be acting naturally to take care of them instead of they taking care of us. When we feel to the marrow of our bones that they are our parents, knowing their pains, sorrows and suffering, we will naturally comfort them and remove the burden they are carrying. When we are doing the things they ask us to do and accomplish in the timetable set by them without thinking of our own SELF and situations then ALL OF OUR ACTIONS will be a form of true attendance, even though we are with them or living in ocean apart.


True attendance means we become one heart-mind-body with True Parents. They are the MIND and we as the Body are just moving according to the direction of the mind with the purity of our hearts and selfless motivation . That is absolute unity which we need to restore and heavenly trust will be bestowed unto us. No negative issues will make us doubt. No unfavorable situations will make us unfaithful. No bad conditions will make us leave. This is true attendance life.


Life of attendance allows us to be spiritually matured and attain filial piety. It is a path that needs to be perfected so that we can meet True Parents on that level. It is an attitude that we should have so that we can relate to the Messiah naturally and with confidence. It is a level that Satan fear the most in us. Our level of attendance life determines our maturity level in front of God, True Parents, heaven & earth and humankind. Its not about our physical age, nor about our spiritual age or status, not even our position or accomplishments. (from the way of God's will) "Im not looking at you on the standpoint of what you have accomplished or failed to do but on the standpoint of heart by True Father". God & True Parents need somebody who understand their sufferings, pains, desires and wishes. Somebody who can relate with them on the level of heart.


True Mother's words during the Hevenly Tribal Messiah Assembly on October 27 2014 as quoted. "No among the blessed families are qualified and worthy of praise and all have fallen short. Not all the Cain-type children who attended true Parents were qualified. Even though you received the blessing, nobody has achieved a passing grade. It may sound simple but its serious." True Mother was talking about our ATTENDANCE life with our True Parents. The level of unity of heart with them is necessary so that we can move according to their desires and becoming one mind-body-mindset with them.


From the moment we open our eyes in the morning and close them to rest at night, lets all live in gratitude and in love for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We need to give THEM peace and let them relax while we do our part as matured children of heaven in the last course of the providence.


In the OTA, the requirement was offering & laws while in the NTA it was about faith in Jesus however for vision 2020, life of attendance is the fulfillment of New Tribal Messiah Mission.

Concept of Tribal Messiah Mission

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By Bishop Winny 

We are now living in the era where our justification and completion lies on the fulfillment of our portion of responsibilities which can be categorized in 3 "Ps" personal (myself& my blessed family); public (my tribe & my community); providential (our church & God’s homeland). And the most urgent calling at this time is the fulfillment of our Tribal Mission.


a. The Providence of Salvation which is to send the Messiah is God’s portion of responsibility.

b. The Providence of Restoration which is to indemnify the past and liberate God is the Messiah’s portion of responsibility.

c. The Providence of Re-Creation which is to complete an ideal family and the restoration of tribe is MY portion of responsibility.


From the 3 above mentioned points we can understand when True Mother said that human’s portion of responsibility is the greatest blessing and grace.


On May 19-24 2011, True Parents held a 6-day Special Education for 400 worldwide church leadership mostly National Messiahs, National Leaders and Special Envoys coming from (Korea 90; Japan 130; US 150 and the rest are from other providential countries) with a clear focus & purpose: re-education through ODP, to make a new start; and to bring victory for the Tribal Messiah providence.


During that time, Father gave a speech regarding the importance of fulfilling Tribal responsibility and the following are excerpted from his speech:


“Give priority to Tribal Messiah providence, no matter what position you are in. Do it no matter what public position you have”

“Centering on the Tribal Messiahs things will be completed”

“If you do not follow, you will disappear. You cannot just relax and do things in your own way at this time”

“If you don’t follow my instructions, the ancestors will take you to spirit world. It’s one or the other, to give a sickness, or give medicine. If you become sick, you can die in a week. I am in a hurry. I’m worried about you all”


Also on April 1 2015, during HDH with True Mother, she gave the following message:


"We have set goals to achieve by 2020. This nation, the ancestral homeland of True Parents and God’s homeland, is still divided into two. This providence has unfolded with much difficulty over 6,000 years and a new era centered on Foundation Day has opened. There is only one method, one way. It is True Parents. Those who are in South Korea should quickly fulfill their tribal messiah responsibilities. The re-unification of the two Koreas must be made possible by 2020. This nation must first safely stand upright, as it will become a firm foundation for the substantial Cheon Il Guk."



The development of God's Providence centering on Tribal Mission is outlined as follows baseon the lecture presented during the International Leadership Conference 2015:

(1) Home Church 1981

(2) Tongban Kyeokpah 1987

(3)Tribal Messiah 1991

(4) Family Church 2005

(5)Heavenly Tribal Messiah 2012.3.1 HC

My concept & understanding


Our ULTIMATE MISSION is to become Tribal Messiahs which means to“Witness Educate, Bless, Raise and Organize” them to become heavenly citizens like us.


In tribal restoration we are the direct representatives of our True Parents who are our roots. Therefore, it is of utmost consideration that we should conduct,equipped and armed ourselves with the things necessary according to True Parents’ will. Moreover, we need to understand that we are building a fence of protection for our blessed family thru tribal restoration.


THEY (our tribe) can only see the Messiah(our True Parents) through US (blessed families). The quality of our tribe depends upon the quality of education we are giving & the kind of lifestyle we are showing to them. Our tribe members should have absolute unity with us in following God’s Will. In order to make this happen, we need foundations of faith &substance practiced and victoriously overcome thru our spiritual training because we cant teach nor share anything that we didnt learn and understand. As Tribal Messiahs we are to live the words of our True Parents and manifest them in our lifestyle.


What is a Tribal Messiah?


1. TRIBAL MESSIAH means "me-my spouse-our children". We need to remember that when they look at “US” as tribal messiahs, they are not looking at the INDIVIDUAL YOU (ME)alone but they are looking at our VERY OWN FAMILIES as a package figure. Therefore: it is very important for all of us as blessed families to really strive our very best to meet Heaven's expectation, cope with our responsibilities and establish the heavenly tradition centering on True Parents words and lifestyle. We have to settle the Hoondok tradition in our family,become the embodiment of the word thru practice and a model of faith love and obedience to the Will of heaven. Our children are our living testimony therefore guiding them to the standard level of faith & attendance to Heavenly Parents is one of the most important conditions needed in tribal restoration.


2. TRIBAL MESSIAH means “representative of the True Parents & stand as extended family of the True Parents". Therefore: our connection with True Parents should be of familial relationship;our attitude should be of heartistically attending our own parents; our mission& goal should be the same with God's & True Parents'. WE must feel to the marrow of our bones that True Parents are our natural born physical parents and develop that oneness with them. We are to set the example of how to live a life of attendance to God = a life of absolute faith (doubtless), a life of absolute obedience (submission of heart & mind), and, a life of absolute love (selfless love). Only by practicing filial piety towards our True Parents can we create a condition that our tribe too can have their loyalty towards us.


3. TRIBAL MESSIAH means "master& center of true love in our tribe". Therefore:we are to show the example of how to practice a life of living for the sake of others. It should be our culture & norms. We are to live and walk the WORD beyond the idea of self; and of unconditional giving & forgiving beyond the realm of own pain and suffering. Tribal Messiahs are not living to satisfy our physical desire and needs but more than these is to take the lead of guiding the tribe members to follow the path of the True Parents. This can be done thru jeongseong. We cant lead people spiritually without shedding tears centered on God's longing heart for His children's return.


4. TRIBAL MESSIAH means driver of the providence to settle our families, clan, tribes and community internally & externally leading them with an attitude of empowering each member/family and directly showing them the right path to fulfill Heaven's will as well as the way to receive material fortune through loving God, nation & humankind. We should be the powerhouse & knowledge bank for their spiritual sustenance, physical & social development, livelihood cooperation, cultural exchange & environmental management. Only by living a life of absolute oneness with True Parents can we be able to achieve this standpoint.


Lets do our best to inherit True Parents foundation thruthe fulfillment of our tribal mission. xxx

Synopsis base on My understanding regarding Heavenly Parent & our True Parents??? Significant courses

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By Bishop Winny

Part 1


If Adam hadn’t failed, there’s no concept of Messiah’s birth in the name of Jesus. And if Jesus had fulfilled what he was supposed to accomplish there’s no need of 2nd coming. However history had revealed that all situations ended up in failure and God needed to send our True Father to restore all things left undone and unaccomplished by Adam &Jesus.


God prepared every way for the arrival of True Father and for his messianic mission to take its mark on earth in 1945. God’s timetable was to have True Parents by 1952 and the proclamation of KOH by 1960 and its substantial completion in 1968. However, we have learned that situations didn’t go well. All the people whom God had prepared failed to follow God’swill.


The year 1945 became a period of unfathomable frustration and had put God in another stale-mate condition (similar to the fall)incapable of advancing the providence of restoration. With True Father’s highest understanding of God’s providential will and Satan’s strategy, he made a strongest determination to restore all the failures of 6000 years history of the fall and the 7 years failure to bring about the POSITION of True Parents which were all inclusive in the failure of 1945 providence.


TF successfully paid all the historical failures in 1985. TPs had liberated God and claimed the victorious right of God over humanity and creation. That’s why in 1985 TPs celebrated “God’s day Banquet”after the victorious conclusion of the 40 years wilderness course.


The providence of God’s work of restoration is not an easy course since the fall didn’t take place in an instant. Every path has formulas to be accomplished and followed. It’s a pattern in history that nobody could just easily ignore. To claim the victorious position of God, TF had to restore the Right of Son Kingship, Parent kingship and God’s kingship from Satan in reversal of the fall.


The Son Kingship position and Father’s role (1985-1992)

TF had to restore the son kingship position thru the victory of Cain & Abel relationship as the fundamental role of Adam figure.Therefore TF had to deal with the world & national levels Cain on the personalities of Gorbachev & Kim Il Sung respectively. True Parents’ successful meetings with these 2 super power communist leaders brought Cain into natural surrender towards Abel on the world & national levels restoration in April 1990 and December 1991 respectively. Eve was taken by Satan because of Adam’s negligence in the Garden of Eden. Therefore TF had to makes sure that before TM could go out publicly, the Cain world and Satanic side must have been under God’s control first to protect the True Mother.


The Parent kingship and Mother’s role(1992-1999)

Although the holy marriage blessing of the True Parents took place in 1960, however the position of True Parents was not proclaimed during that time. The 1960 holy wedding was a blessing within the realm of indemnity and wilderness course. Even though the positions of True Father & True Mother were already completed & settled by 1990 free from any accusations of Satan, TP couldn’t proclaim the realm of Parent kingship right away. Moreover this could only be declared in 1992 after the victorious completion of son kingship thru the natural surrenders of those historical Cain figures.


In 1992 Women’s Federation for World Peace was organized centered on True Mother. That was the dawn of the new age, the AGE of Women and Mother’s responsibilities. By 1993 TPs declared the Completed Testament Age which marked the era of the family beyond the realm of religion. Finally the restored Adam & Eve were settled and the Parent Figure could stand on the world level to bring about God’s family on the earth which never had happened even once at the time of Adam & Jesus. The proclamation of completion of Man & Woman and the appearance of the True Father & True Mother on the earth was the most awaited part in God’s history. Without this, God couldn’t materialize His blueprint and rebuild His lost ideals. The very hope of God’s providence is the settlement of the True Parents on earth. By 1996 TP founded the Family Federation for World Peace &Unification proclaiming the era of salvation thru families removing the signboard of HSAUWC. True Parents are not just founders of a religious movement but the True Parents of the world


The KINGSHIP position (2000 – 2012)

With all the preparation of TPs thru their sacrifices by shedding blood sweat and tears and overcoming the life and death ordeals int heir path, TPs could finally offer the Kingship to God and had crowned God as the King of Kings in 2001 Jan 13 signifying the beginning of God’s sovereignty on the earth. God could finally be settled as the Absolute sovereign King of the entire world of creation both the spiritual & physical worlds after the more than 6000 years of indescribable pain due to the fall.


The next thing TPs did was the settlement of Jesus Kingship and had crowned Jesus as the King of Israel and the Messiah in December of 2002 in the presence of many religious leaders from Islam, Judaism and Christianity.From that time on the Middle East Peace Initiative was born bringing great fruits into unification those 3 major religions which were actually the descendants of Abraham.


Lastly the settlement of TPs position on the cosmic level which was done thru the blessing of True Parents in February 2003 brought them to the position of King & Queen of Peace.


The settlement of the Kingship era begun thru the liberation of God as the King of Kings, restoration of Jesus’ position as the first Messiah and proclamation of True Parents position which didn’t take place anywhere in history. This was the trumpet blowing shouting he beginning of God’s sovereignty on the earth.


The Holy Wedding of TPs in 2003 which placed them as the True Parents of Heaven & Earth was the turning point of human history both the spirit world and physical world. We are not orphans anymore, we have now our True Parents and we are now children of the heavenly kingdom.


The Holy Blessing on the National Level

TP directed us to receive the next stage blessing which is the National level blessing ceremony that began in 2010 embarking the new age. This blessing elevated our position from adopted to the true children position of the TP of heaven earth & humankind.


True Parents holy weddings that were done in stages have great significance in the advancement of God’s providence of Salvation(restoration), Rebirth (resurrection) and Re-creation of the entire humankind.


(F) 1960 Holy Wedding – True Parents

(G) 2003 Holy Wedding – True Parents of Heaven &Earth

(C) 1st stage 2010; 2nd stage 2011; 3rdstage 2012 – Cosmic True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind (golden wedding anniversaries)

to be continued...

Synopsis base on My understanding regarding Heavenly Parent & our True Parents??? Significant courses

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By Bishop Winny

Part 2

The Era of God’s Direct Dominion


Foundation Day

What is Foundation Day? It is opening the era of Cheon Il Guk, the time that the world had entered into the direct dominion of God.The beginning point of the providence before the fall where satan has no way to invade and the time which man has to finish his individual course in preparation to reach the realm of perfection. This is the time of re-creation,the era which Adam & Eve hadn’t reached. This is completely a new world beyond imagination and comprehension of human intellect.


God’s Marriage & True Parents position

God’s marriage could only be possible because a perfected union of God’s masculinity and femininity had already been accomplished on the earth thru the perfection of TF & TM manifesting themselves as God’s substantial visible forms. God’s dual entities finally had taken the substantial perfected forms thereby solidifying God’s position being the HEAVENLY PARENT – the encapsulation of both the perfected masculinity and femininity.


The victories of True Father & True Mother in the courses of 3 eras of Restoration, Resurrection & Re-creation had brought them to the level of perfected united man & woman and were sanctified and justified thru the 3 stages Holy Wedding(in the completion level) held from 2010-2012. These sanctification and their absolute unity with God led them to the position to carry out God’s Marriage Ceremony in 2013.


God’s wedding means the marriage of the invisible Heavenly Parent with the visible True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind.It is the substantial union of the spirit world and physical world. It is the moment that God could start His heavenly dominion to the entire cosmos.


Foundation Day Blessing

It was April 21 2012 (March 1 by the Heavenly Calendar) when all of a sudden while aboard the plane flying to Korea TF instructed the gathering of 30,000 families in World Peace Center in Cheong Pyeong few hours from their landing scheduled time which nobody among the staff and leaders even who were with TPs knew its purpose.


What had taken place during that gathering?

1. TPs speech: The Settlement of TPs of Heaven Earth & Humankind and the Proclamation of the WORD by God’s Substantial Self. (a. TPs position is firmly settled as the absolute central axis. b. The Word is firmly settled as the laws and absolute truth. c. TPs as God’s substantial SELF on the earth)

2. Aside from the speech additional messages were said by TF: (a. settle yourself and family firmly centered on TPs. don’t stain your blood lineage and don’t divorce your marriage. b. settle your tribe as your final responsibility. c. establish Hoon dok hae tradition in your family and tribe)


In reality, before a mother gives birth to a baby,there is a 10-month period of pregnancy in the womb. That urgent gathering was actually a time that all humanity were put in TPs womb and would be BORN AGAIN after 10 months which by counting would fall on the celebration of Foundation Day 2013.


Those 10 months are the period of man’s spiritual cleansing, re-creation of new self and re-structuring of earthly lifestyle in preparation before being REBORN thru the Foundation Day Blessing. We have learned later that, TPs would be giving the total forgiveness ceremony during that time.


After Foundation Day Blessing & the course of blessed families

Following the foundation day blessing blessed families are all standing in the position Adam & Eve prior to the fall and the 7years from 2013 to 2020 is similar to the completion stage which A/E failed to reach. Therefore this is the period beyond the understanding of the principle and pattern of the formula courses and scope of human intellect. This is time that ONLY GOD as Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven Earth &Humankind who are absolutely united and had been one in heart & in body can explain. This is the beginning of Heavenly Parent’s DIRECT DOMINION to the world and humanity.


This is the course of blessed families towards the REALM OF PERFECTION with unknown pattern to copy that’s why ABSOLUTE UNITY with the Substantial forms of Heavenly Parent on earth thru the True Parents is very necessary and of utmost important in our life of faith.


Since this is the period similar to the completion stage that A/E failed to go through, blessed families had to absolutely restore the things that A/E failed in order to begin a true life without Satan. Adam& Eve in their growing period failed to see God as their absolute central axis and God’s words as their absolute life’s guidance. They failed to establish the filial heart towards the parent. Therefore, all blessed families in the position of newly born babies from the lineage of our original Heavenly Parent thru the womb of the True Parents of HEH; we need to go through the True Parents. We need to grow centering on TPs’ love and receive direct guidance thru our True Mother.


TRUE MOTHER’s position after Foundation Day

Base on historical records of TPs course, the role of Adam & Father and role of Eve & Mother were all have been done and accomplished successfully & victoriously BEFORE THE KINGSHIP ERA could begin. TPs had held the God’s marriage ceremony thru the foundations of perfection of TF & TM as the substantial forms of HP on the earth. Therefore, True Father & True Mother are not just normal father and mother in category but they are in the position of God’s substantial forms. THEREFORE,their position is above anybody and any condition. They are DONE already with all the courses of restoration, rebirth & re-creation. It is absurd to claim & say that in order to build the CIG we need the victory of Father-son or Mother-son cooperation. That was the realm of the restoration which TPs had already finished. True Mother is the female form of God on the earth. Anybody opposing this truth is denying all the historical providential victories accomplished and instituted,proclaimed and declared by the True Parents from the beginning of TPs ministry in 1945 until TF’s seonghwa in 2012.


This is now the era of children and human responsibility! For the children to inherit the victorious foundations of the Parents,ABSOLUTE UNITY & COMPLETE SUBMISSION to the absolute subject is the most impt condition. True Children &Blessed Families alike are in the course to fulfill that condition. This is the course for our justification & sanctification too. ****


Challenges of Vision 2020

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by Bishop Winny

Some of True Mother's initiatives


What is Vision 2020? In my limited understanding it’s the fulfillment of "God's Dream" substantially realized on earth in commemoration of True Father's 100th birthday, True Mother's 77th Birthday and their 60th Holy Wedding Anniversary. And providentially speaking it is the 7-year course of building the substantial CIG nation in the era after Heaven's FOUNDATION DAY was declared on January 13th 2013 by the Heavenly Calendar (the first day of the CIG era).


I attended a lecture given by Rev Ryu, our Korean President during his tour-visit to different major churches. He explained about CIG era from where it was started down to True Parents victorious foundations through overcoming all those ordeals up to the level when it could be proclaimed by True Mother last year. What had captured me most was the time frame of this 7 year course. In his lecture he mentioned that True Mother divided the 7 years into 2 courses: the first 3 years for internal foundation and the next 4 years for the external ground work.


How did I relate to it or understand it? If we are seriously following the trend of the providence we could learn a lot from the flow of True Mother's initiatives and 'step by step process' of building the CIG substantially. Upon taking the seat after True Father died, True Mother had ….


1. started to call God Heavenly Parent not just Heavenly Father giving us a clearer view of the dual status of God being both a father and a mother since there is already a dual SUBSTANTIAL forms perfected on the earth to stand as True Parents of Heaven & Earth & Humankind.

2. changed the name of the church from Unification Church to FFWPU. since there is already True Parents in a substantial form, we need a family to embrace the world humanity. As the messiah needs a church foundation to build the KOH, True Parents need a family foundation to build a CIG nation.

3. focused on re-arranging our church community in details from HQ personnel down to Korean pastors level and system

4. clarified our tradition based on the original teaching of the True Parents centered on the culture of heart which is rooted in a parent-child relationship

5. strengthened and empowered our 2nd generation members to take the lead role in partaking the providential work.

6. elevated and uplifted the position of blessed central families in relation with the True Parents and True Family and public responsibilities

7. elucidated the central focus of the mission we all need to accomplish within this very important time frame.

8. reorganized True Parents messages and speeches into a systematic order and had compiled them into 3 Holy Scriptures so that those precious gem-like words will be preserved for eternity and that would reveal the lifestyle and life course of the True Parents. These are the Cheon Seong Gyeong - PyeonghwaShin Gyeong and Chambumo Gyeong.

9. given more weight on witnessing activities & outreach programs centering on proclaiming who True Father is, his global contribution for world peace, his worldwide initiatives and outreach to bring about God's Ideal world and how the True Father pushed his life even risking it for the sake of solving all the problems humanity are facing which are God's heartaches.

10. expanded this central providence from Korea to every continent and country by directly overseeing the worldwide providential activities and empowered all the world missionaries in the field.

11. provided great support in the field of EDUCATION for the sake of the growing and increasing number of 2nd generations, 3rd & 4th and so-on.However this is not only for our blessed families but extended to all deserving youth who can be used by our Heavenly Parent in leading the world to its peaceful state.

12. formulated the CIG constitution that will put things and situations in heavenly order


All these things are to establish a strong internal foundation so that our faith community can grow to the national and world level acceptance. These are to be stabilized within the first 3years of Vision 2020. This is about foundation of faith!


In the principle, before we enter into the foundation of substance, a victorious foundation of faith is needed and this is done through man's absolute faith love & obedience to God. In the same manner, before the substantial building of Vision 2020 to come about, a victorious internal foundation within our faith community should be accomplished through our absolute unity & love to True Parents. This is measured in our absolute faith & obedience towards our True Parents and I strongly believed there is nobody exempted to this required conditions before we could actually & substantially begin the work of realizing Heavenly Parent's dream on earth. Whether we are blessed or not, old or young, leaders or not, I think even the True Children will also pass these conditions.


We thought that when we reached the CIG era, we would be living in a comfortable zone where we can enjoy life with our family and loved ones. However contrary to our expectations, we have seen great frustrating scenarios directly inside our community, things that we never thought would occur in our movement. We have witnessed situations globally &locally that confused many of our members young and old alike. To some families,these greatly damaged their spiritual lives. We also have seen many members are focusing on their external situations more than nurturing their internal conditions. We have witnessed that many of those who are close with each other in relationships got conflict among themselves. Many of those hidden stories are coming out one by one in the light giving us idea of the truth &falsehood of many situations that had happened in the past.


While True Mother is very serious in strengthening the internal aspect of all fields in our faith community as heaven's requirements and while she has been directing all situations to heavenly will, many of us also are living individually as if we have nothing to do with the providence.


Is this really what we wanted to see, do and to happen? Do you think those members who also left and are living for their own individual lives really desired to be such people? I DON’T THINK SO!


The 2 challenges of Vision 2020 is ABSOLUTE FAITH and perfection of our internal aspect!


Absolute faith towards our True Parents in the person of True Mother is a very important condition to be accomplished within this period. True Father's position as the messiah was well established already because it was made by 6000 providential years. We, members could easily submit ourselves to True Father without doubt. We easily believed what True Father had said and commanded even under illogical conditions and unfavorable situations because we absolutely accepted that Father is the 2nd Coming of Christ. The position of MALE messiah is universally accepted while the existence of FEMALE messiah just come out during this period.


However, heaven wanted to see how much faith we could really establish in relation to True Mother. Isnt it True Mother the feminine aspect of God and the better half of True Father? We know that without True Mother, True Father couldn’t become True Parents.Without True Mother, True Father couldn’t reach perfection either and God'swill couldn’t be expanded. When True Father was with us we expressed our faith to the True Parents. BUT WHY in this period, many of those faithful followers where in doubt?


The challenge of Vision 2020 is how can we absolutely continue that life of attendance we once had with True Father when he was still with us on earth towards True Mother. The challenge of Vision 2020 is how much can we still believe despite unfavorable environment and disunited situations. The challenge of Vision 2020 is how much can we change the culture inside our community (bigger area) while we are trying our best to re-establish our own families in alignment with God's providence. The challenge of Vision 2020 is how much can we still live a public life while we are trying our best to feed our own children and make both ends meet in our living conditions.


Lastly, this 7year course is our last chance to re-establish our own internal standard and level of maturity. Foundation Day blessing gave us the opportunity to be forgiven for all of our sins in the past and misconduct, unprincipled lifestyle and satanic mind. Even without conditions and indemnification, Heavenly Parent & True Parent had forgiven us absolutely and without a doubt they have erased our evil past records and given us a NEW LIFE in this new era to create a true historical record dedicated to building the heavenly kingdom as true children of heaven.


Therefore within these periods,ALL without exemption will be tested too of how much we have aligned ourselves towards purifying our life centered on heavenly love and principle. It is God's love that we are put in dungeons of hell and suffering life. WHY? It is in those unfavorable situations, suffering courses and it is with those unlovable people and visible fallen natures that we can see how far have we gone through in cleansing ourselves to reach our goal of resembling our Heavenly Parent's heart and personalities.


For sure many things are inevitable in our paths that may shock us or have shocked us already. Many unexpected cases will happen (have happened already) in our lives. Many unexplained scenarios will occur (have occurred already) that our limited minds may not (couldn’t) be able to comprehend. However, absolute faith is necessary to survive. The Principle & True Parents' words are our STANDARD which we can base our point of judgment. Our True Parents' traditions and lifestyle too must be our guide to correct our behavior and actions.


We must believe that we are living in this era and heavenly environment even though things are still in imaginary conditions only. The most important thing now is to see HF & TPs as our mirrors to reflect our lives with. No other else! The most important thing now is to be conscious IF WE ARE living correctly rather than seeing others' lives. The most important thing now is to make sure we are doing our responsibilities rather than becoming busy watching others.


Lets not waste our time with things that will just ruin the period of our purification and dedication.Instead give out everything in us for the fulfillment of our mission and accomplishment of Heavenly will. The VICTORY in these internal challenges will be our solid foundation to begin our external ground work of substantially erecting the kingdom of God on earth - the CIG nation. Have a victorious AUGUST to all.***