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Synopsis base on My understanding regarding Heavenly Parent & our True Parents??? Significant courses

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 5:55 AM

By Bishop Winny

Part 1


If Adam hadn’t failed, there’s no concept of Messiah’s birth in the name of Jesus. And if Jesus had fulfilled what he was supposed to accomplish there’s no need of 2nd coming. However history had revealed that all situations ended up in failure and God needed to send our True Father to restore all things left undone and unaccomplished by Adam &Jesus.


God prepared every way for the arrival of True Father and for his messianic mission to take its mark on earth in 1945. God’s timetable was to have True Parents by 1952 and the proclamation of KOH by 1960 and its substantial completion in 1968. However, we have learned that situations didn’t go well. All the people whom God had prepared failed to follow God’swill.


The year 1945 became a period of unfathomable frustration and had put God in another stale-mate condition (similar to the fall)incapable of advancing the providence of restoration. With True Father’s highest understanding of God’s providential will and Satan’s strategy, he made a strongest determination to restore all the failures of 6000 years history of the fall and the 7 years failure to bring about the POSITION of True Parents which were all inclusive in the failure of 1945 providence.


TF successfully paid all the historical failures in 1985. TPs had liberated God and claimed the victorious right of God over humanity and creation. That’s why in 1985 TPs celebrated “God’s day Banquet”after the victorious conclusion of the 40 years wilderness course.


The providence of God’s work of restoration is not an easy course since the fall didn’t take place in an instant. Every path has formulas to be accomplished and followed. It’s a pattern in history that nobody could just easily ignore. To claim the victorious position of God, TF had to restore the Right of Son Kingship, Parent kingship and God’s kingship from Satan in reversal of the fall.


The Son Kingship position and Father’s role (1985-1992)

TF had to restore the son kingship position thru the victory of Cain & Abel relationship as the fundamental role of Adam figure.Therefore TF had to deal with the world & national levels Cain on the personalities of Gorbachev & Kim Il Sung respectively. True Parents’ successful meetings with these 2 super power communist leaders brought Cain into natural surrender towards Abel on the world & national levels restoration in April 1990 and December 1991 respectively. Eve was taken by Satan because of Adam’s negligence in the Garden of Eden. Therefore TF had to makes sure that before TM could go out publicly, the Cain world and Satanic side must have been under God’s control first to protect the True Mother.


The Parent kingship and Mother’s role(1992-1999)

Although the holy marriage blessing of the True Parents took place in 1960, however the position of True Parents was not proclaimed during that time. The 1960 holy wedding was a blessing within the realm of indemnity and wilderness course. Even though the positions of True Father & True Mother were already completed & settled by 1990 free from any accusations of Satan, TP couldn’t proclaim the realm of Parent kingship right away. Moreover this could only be declared in 1992 after the victorious completion of son kingship thru the natural surrenders of those historical Cain figures.


In 1992 Women’s Federation for World Peace was organized centered on True Mother. That was the dawn of the new age, the AGE of Women and Mother’s responsibilities. By 1993 TPs declared the Completed Testament Age which marked the era of the family beyond the realm of religion. Finally the restored Adam & Eve were settled and the Parent Figure could stand on the world level to bring about God’s family on the earth which never had happened even once at the time of Adam & Jesus. The proclamation of completion of Man & Woman and the appearance of the True Father & True Mother on the earth was the most awaited part in God’s history. Without this, God couldn’t materialize His blueprint and rebuild His lost ideals. The very hope of God’s providence is the settlement of the True Parents on earth. By 1996 TP founded the Family Federation for World Peace &Unification proclaiming the era of salvation thru families removing the signboard of HSAUWC. True Parents are not just founders of a religious movement but the True Parents of the world


The KINGSHIP position (2000 – 2012)

With all the preparation of TPs thru their sacrifices by shedding blood sweat and tears and overcoming the life and death ordeals int heir path, TPs could finally offer the Kingship to God and had crowned God as the King of Kings in 2001 Jan 13 signifying the beginning of God’s sovereignty on the earth. God could finally be settled as the Absolute sovereign King of the entire world of creation both the spiritual & physical worlds after the more than 6000 years of indescribable pain due to the fall.


The next thing TPs did was the settlement of Jesus Kingship and had crowned Jesus as the King of Israel and the Messiah in December of 2002 in the presence of many religious leaders from Islam, Judaism and Christianity.From that time on the Middle East Peace Initiative was born bringing great fruits into unification those 3 major religions which were actually the descendants of Abraham.


Lastly the settlement of TPs position on the cosmic level which was done thru the blessing of True Parents in February 2003 brought them to the position of King & Queen of Peace.


The settlement of the Kingship era begun thru the liberation of God as the King of Kings, restoration of Jesus’ position as the first Messiah and proclamation of True Parents position which didn’t take place anywhere in history. This was the trumpet blowing shouting he beginning of God’s sovereignty on the earth.


The Holy Wedding of TPs in 2003 which placed them as the True Parents of Heaven & Earth was the turning point of human history both the spirit world and physical world. We are not orphans anymore, we have now our True Parents and we are now children of the heavenly kingdom.


The Holy Blessing on the National Level

TP directed us to receive the next stage blessing which is the National level blessing ceremony that began in 2010 embarking the new age. This blessing elevated our position from adopted to the true children position of the TP of heaven earth & humankind.


True Parents holy weddings that were done in stages have great significance in the advancement of God’s providence of Salvation(restoration), Rebirth (resurrection) and Re-creation of the entire humankind.


(F) 1960 Holy Wedding – True Parents

(G) 2003 Holy Wedding – True Parents of Heaven &Earth

(C) 1st stage 2010; 2nd stage 2011; 3rdstage 2012 – Cosmic True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind (golden wedding anniversaries)

to be continued...

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