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Concept of Tribal Messiah Mission

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 6:00 AM

By Bishop Winny 

We are now living in the era where our justification and completion lies on the fulfillment of our portion of responsibilities which can be categorized in 3 "Ps" personal (myself& my blessed family); public (my tribe & my community); providential (our church & God’s homeland). And the most urgent calling at this time is the fulfillment of our Tribal Mission.


a. The Providence of Salvation which is to send the Messiah is God’s portion of responsibility.

b. The Providence of Restoration which is to indemnify the past and liberate God is the Messiah’s portion of responsibility.

c. The Providence of Re-Creation which is to complete an ideal family and the restoration of tribe is MY portion of responsibility.


From the 3 above mentioned points we can understand when True Mother said that human’s portion of responsibility is the greatest blessing and grace.


On May 19-24 2011, True Parents held a 6-day Special Education for 400 worldwide church leadership mostly National Messiahs, National Leaders and Special Envoys coming from (Korea 90; Japan 130; US 150 and the rest are from other providential countries) with a clear focus & purpose: re-education through ODP, to make a new start; and to bring victory for the Tribal Messiah providence.


During that time, Father gave a speech regarding the importance of fulfilling Tribal responsibility and the following are excerpted from his speech:


“Give priority to Tribal Messiah providence, no matter what position you are in. Do it no matter what public position you have”

“Centering on the Tribal Messiahs things will be completed”

“If you do not follow, you will disappear. You cannot just relax and do things in your own way at this time”

“If you don’t follow my instructions, the ancestors will take you to spirit world. It’s one or the other, to give a sickness, or give medicine. If you become sick, you can die in a week. I am in a hurry. I’m worried about you all”


Also on April 1 2015, during HDH with True Mother, she gave the following message:


"We have set goals to achieve by 2020. This nation, the ancestral homeland of True Parents and God’s homeland, is still divided into two. This providence has unfolded with much difficulty over 6,000 years and a new era centered on Foundation Day has opened. There is only one method, one way. It is True Parents. Those who are in South Korea should quickly fulfill their tribal messiah responsibilities. The re-unification of the two Koreas must be made possible by 2020. This nation must first safely stand upright, as it will become a firm foundation for the substantial Cheon Il Guk."



The development of God's Providence centering on Tribal Mission is outlined as follows baseon the lecture presented during the International Leadership Conference 2015:

(1) Home Church 1981

(2) Tongban Kyeokpah 1987

(3)Tribal Messiah 1991

(4) Family Church 2005

(5)Heavenly Tribal Messiah 2012.3.1 HC

My concept & understanding


Our ULTIMATE MISSION is to become Tribal Messiahs which means to“Witness Educate, Bless, Raise and Organize” them to become heavenly citizens like us.


In tribal restoration we are the direct representatives of our True Parents who are our roots. Therefore, it is of utmost consideration that we should conduct,equipped and armed ourselves with the things necessary according to True Parents’ will. Moreover, we need to understand that we are building a fence of protection for our blessed family thru tribal restoration.


THEY (our tribe) can only see the Messiah(our True Parents) through US (blessed families). The quality of our tribe depends upon the quality of education we are giving & the kind of lifestyle we are showing to them. Our tribe members should have absolute unity with us in following God’s Will. In order to make this happen, we need foundations of faith &substance practiced and victoriously overcome thru our spiritual training because we cant teach nor share anything that we didnt learn and understand. As Tribal Messiahs we are to live the words of our True Parents and manifest them in our lifestyle.


What is a Tribal Messiah?


1. TRIBAL MESSIAH means "me-my spouse-our children". We need to remember that when they look at “US” as tribal messiahs, they are not looking at the INDIVIDUAL YOU (ME)alone but they are looking at our VERY OWN FAMILIES as a package figure. Therefore: it is very important for all of us as blessed families to really strive our very best to meet Heaven's expectation, cope with our responsibilities and establish the heavenly tradition centering on True Parents words and lifestyle. We have to settle the Hoondok tradition in our family,become the embodiment of the word thru practice and a model of faith love and obedience to the Will of heaven. Our children are our living testimony therefore guiding them to the standard level of faith & attendance to Heavenly Parents is one of the most important conditions needed in tribal restoration.


2. TRIBAL MESSIAH means “representative of the True Parents & stand as extended family of the True Parents". Therefore: our connection with True Parents should be of familial relationship;our attitude should be of heartistically attending our own parents; our mission& goal should be the same with God's & True Parents'. WE must feel to the marrow of our bones that True Parents are our natural born physical parents and develop that oneness with them. We are to set the example of how to live a life of attendance to God = a life of absolute faith (doubtless), a life of absolute obedience (submission of heart & mind), and, a life of absolute love (selfless love). Only by practicing filial piety towards our True Parents can we create a condition that our tribe too can have their loyalty towards us.


3. TRIBAL MESSIAH means "master& center of true love in our tribe". Therefore:we are to show the example of how to practice a life of living for the sake of others. It should be our culture & norms. We are to live and walk the WORD beyond the idea of self; and of unconditional giving & forgiving beyond the realm of own pain and suffering. Tribal Messiahs are not living to satisfy our physical desire and needs but more than these is to take the lead of guiding the tribe members to follow the path of the True Parents. This can be done thru jeongseong. We cant lead people spiritually without shedding tears centered on God's longing heart for His children's return.


4. TRIBAL MESSIAH means driver of the providence to settle our families, clan, tribes and community internally & externally leading them with an attitude of empowering each member/family and directly showing them the right path to fulfill Heaven's will as well as the way to receive material fortune through loving God, nation & humankind. We should be the powerhouse & knowledge bank for their spiritual sustenance, physical & social development, livelihood cooperation, cultural exchange & environmental management. Only by living a life of absolute oneness with True Parents can we be able to achieve this standpoint.


Lets do our best to inherit True Parents foundation thruthe fulfillment of our tribal mission. xxx

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