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Life of attendance

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 6:00 AM

by Bishop Winny


Attendance is often times mistaken to be just serving the Abel figure, extending hands or support, or practicing any form of ritualistic tradition we have in our community. However, I think it is not that way.


First and foremost, why Attendance life is needed?When Adam & Eve disobeyed God and many central figures in human history failed to fulfill their promises before heaven, God couldnt give 100% trust to humankind unless we could establish a condition where we can be trusted and be claimed again by heaven as true children. During the Fall, absolute unity with God was lost, the heartistic relationship was lost and the original position of parent & child was lost. Therefore LIFE OF ATTENDANCE is meant to restore these things.


To whom do we attend? We need to attend God and it is through our True Parents as their substantial representatives. Just to serve the True Parents externally doesnt make sense and meaningless UNLESS we do that with a mind that we understand their true hearts. To restore absolute unity and heartistic relationship of parent & child is not easy. It requires understanding the deepest part of parents' heart and feeling it to the marrow of our bones. Unless we have gone through this, serving our True Parents are just superficial that sometimes we just do it out of duty or as a form of responsibility and rituals. As a result, relating to True Parents sometimes becomes a show-off or temporal and sometimes it even leads us to be arrogant and boastful of our position.


True Attendance is a natural lifestyle of a child of filial piety. It is a life of heartistic relationship between us and True Parents centered on pure love of a parent & child toward each other. When we can reach the level that we understand the deepest heart of the True Parents, we will be acting naturally to take care of them instead of they taking care of us. When we feel to the marrow of our bones that they are our parents, knowing their pains, sorrows and suffering, we will naturally comfort them and remove the burden they are carrying. When we are doing the things they ask us to do and accomplish in the timetable set by them without thinking of our own SELF and situations then ALL OF OUR ACTIONS will be a form of true attendance, even though we are with them or living in ocean apart.


True attendance means we become one heart-mind-body with True Parents. They are the MIND and we as the Body are just moving according to the direction of the mind with the purity of our hearts and selfless motivation . That is absolute unity which we need to restore and heavenly trust will be bestowed unto us. No negative issues will make us doubt. No unfavorable situations will make us unfaithful. No bad conditions will make us leave. This is true attendance life.


Life of attendance allows us to be spiritually matured and attain filial piety. It is a path that needs to be perfected so that we can meet True Parents on that level. It is an attitude that we should have so that we can relate to the Messiah naturally and with confidence. It is a level that Satan fear the most in us. Our level of attendance life determines our maturity level in front of God, True Parents, heaven & earth and humankind. Its not about our physical age, nor about our spiritual age or status, not even our position or accomplishments. (from the way of God's will) "Im not looking at you on the standpoint of what you have accomplished or failed to do but on the standpoint of heart by True Father". God & True Parents need somebody who understand their sufferings, pains, desires and wishes. Somebody who can relate with them on the level of heart.


True Mother's words during the Hevenly Tribal Messiah Assembly on October 27 2014 as quoted. "No among the blessed families are qualified and worthy of praise and all have fallen short. Not all the Cain-type children who attended true Parents were qualified. Even though you received the blessing, nobody has achieved a passing grade. It may sound simple but its serious." True Mother was talking about our ATTENDANCE life with our True Parents. The level of unity of heart with them is necessary so that we can move according to their desires and becoming one mind-body-mindset with them.


From the moment we open our eyes in the morning and close them to rest at night, lets all live in gratitude and in love for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We need to give THEM peace and let them relax while we do our part as matured children of heaven in the last course of the providence.


In the OTA, the requirement was offering & laws while in the NTA it was about faith in Jesus however for vision 2020, life of attendance is the fulfillment of New Tribal Messiah Mission.

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