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Most Important Condition

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 6:05 AM

by Bishop Winny

When the providence is concluding, God is giving us the requirements to fulfill, condition to be accomplished and time frame when it is expected to be finished.


On the last few days of True Father before he ascends, he made sure through his prayers that everything is concluded, completed and perfected and now is the time for the Heavenly Tribal Messiahs to emerge and do their responsibilities as True Parents' successors and representatives. The fulfillment of this providence is our victory and justification before heaven.


In the Old Testament, people are justified thru offering and we knew that almost all the central figures in history of the OTA, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and even Cain did the "offering" requirement of the age. However, we have learned that history was prolonged thru the failures.


Next, Moses was called carrying the 10 commandments as Heavenly Laws as the next stage for God to build a nation and a requirement for people's justification. Nonetheless, he wasn’t able to make it to Canaan, neither his people. The coming of Jesus was the fulfillment, the fruit and the most awaited part of history toiled by God for 4000 years of pains and sufferings. And yet, God's providence did not meet its conclusion in victory but have to wait for the second advent of the Lord.


In the course of restoration, we can see that central figures have fulfilled the requirement of the age and even those auxiliary parties in the providence have tried to fulfill their job in each particular era. BUT why is it, there was always prolongation and failure? The external requirement varies according to different ages but the internal condition is only one and absolute. And we could see that despite the external requirements were fulfilled; the internal condition was left unsuccessful. We have to know what this very DELICATE INTERNAL CONDITION is.


Only True Parents were able to conclude, complete and perfect the providence because of their victories. If we are really learning from True Parent's words, lifestyle and victories, we will surely understand what is lacking, where the failures come from and where can we pick up the victorious path BECAUSE TRUE PARENTS only had discovered the secret of heaven thru the fulfillment of that internal condition for victory.


What is now the providence in Cheon Il Guk era? The core people are the Heavenly Tribal Messiahs and the external requirement is to accomplish our 430 Families. The moment we hear this number, the response in our minds determine the course we are heading to. Even the higher leadership couldn’t say a thing how could this be possibly done. Almost all of us find it too big to be true. But that is the external requirement


What is that most critical INTERNAL CONDITION?

It’s the absolute unity of heart with God and with True Parents!

Many had fulfilled the external requirement but not all have established the internal condition. When True Father was undergoing the 7 ordeals in his life, those were truly life and death situations and nobody was expected to survive on those tortures. But True Father lived as old as 92 years of age.


I remembered one lecture in Cheongpyeong during our 10-day seminar in 1996, it says that "because of True Father's absolute unity with God" that he could survive those deaths arenas where hope for survival was impossible. However, TF emerged with life and victory. Through that absolute unity in heart with God, True Parents could stand as the substantial body of Heavenly Parents on earth and the victorious True Parents of heaven-earth-humankind.


As we are now in the providence of Heavenly Tribal Messiah which means, we are to succeed True Parents by inheriting their hearts, minds, love, truth and will. To do this we shouldn't forget that internal condition is very important. As the world was shocked by one Filipino and Thai couples thru the fulfillment of the external requirement of 430 families, we have to absolutely believe it's possible! However, we shouldn’t forget that together with this external requirement is the need of the fulfillment of that internal condition.


We can't do this reluctantly and carelessly just to show off or for competition or to show proof or whatever selfish mind Satan would dictate us. We need to fulfill this external requirement along with that internal condition in order to emerge a true victorious individuals & families. As the providence progresses, our church are developing externally, our system is becoming stable, but sometimes we tend to forget the most basic part of our life of faith that is "developing our personal relationship with God and TPs in heart" and just focus on fulfilling goals and directions of our community.


As True Mother said, we need to bring closure in our lives with victory. The ownership of the providence is now shifted to all of us as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. We need to own the Cheon Il Guk by doing our responsibilities. If we really understand God's heart, we have to live in gratitude and love always. In this way we can appreciate all people around us and digest even our difficult circumstances. Also TM said that if we want to live up to our faith, we need to move our bodies and bring results. She is giving us another chance and the conclusion is that we should no longer postpone fulfilling our responsibility.


If we really want to succeed we need to begin with the basic, "Unity in heart with God & True Parents". It will allow us to be justified in front of heaven and will surely give hope and joy to our True Parents. Let's all try our best to become the pride of our True Parents. ****


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