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why i choose this faith

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 6:05 AM

This is my personal reflection

While & until True Mother is in direct control, i have FULL CONFIDENCE & GREAT HOPES in the direction of where our FUTURE is heading to ....All other arising issues are just last attempt of (Satan) evil-influenced groups to block the providence of building the ideal world of love peace & harmony. Though those problems may appear to be true or real, still the main issue is - SATAN is blocking us to fulfill the most important requirement of the present providential age - that is ABSOLUTE UNITY towards our True Parents centering on True Mother.

In God's Kingdom, ONLY the Heavenly Parent & True Parents will be the central absolute sovereignty. God is the absolute standard. TPs are the manifestation of God's deity. There is only one set of True Parents in history and from them all of humankind, the Blessed families as well as the True Children are only the CHILDREN forever in front of heaven & earth. We represent Cain & Abel in position respectively. we can be true parents for our tribe BUT not for the entire cosmos.

History told us why God's ideal wasnt realize in the Garden of Eden with A/E... it was because they failed to absolutely unite with their Parent - God. They allowed the self-centered ego of Lucifer to dominate their minds and poisoned their hearts that led them to commit the FALL.

In the last course of human history of salvation, that ABSOLUTE UNITY with HP (God) and True Parents has to be restored by each of us including the true children without exemption. That is the condition to restore TRUST from heaven. Absolute unity with True parents is the restoration of hearts. Any member who doubted the authority of True Mother must review once again our understanding of the Divine Principle and True Father's words and must learn one more time the course of restoration providence to see how, when and where satan casts his last attempt to block God's Will. A single inch of doubt is very dangerous in this period and a single inch of "I-me-my-mine-myself" idea is what satan is constantly waiting for from us. We all need to be careful with our humanistic minds, self-centered motivation and impure hearts in this last course of God's providence. We need to be vigilant because of satan's last attempt strategy.

you cant say you love True Parents and have faith in them WHILE you agree and believe on those people who are going against the parents' will unless you dont believe True Mother as the substantial partner of True Father. If we believe that True Parents are TF + TM, there's no way to doubt and be confused. What we need to do now is to unite with our TPs and do our portionof responsibility. Why become confused? BECAUSE: we doubt TM's position and authority. we lack faith that heaven can be mobilized to solve the problems if we are united with the Messiah. we become more humanistic centered than spiritually centered. we become more externally concerened than internally settled. These are what satan has introduced in our life.

True Father said: what is a TRUE MAN? he is the person with his Words, Thoughts Actions and Lifestyle are in complete harmony centered on God's will. We cant be lukewarm to play safe in this confused environment. We need to stand firm for our decision for the sake of heavenly will and our future generations. You have to use True Father's words too to gauge if the person is true or not. True Father said also that if we want to know if the person's messages are really genuine or not, we have to check the beginning content and the concluding message if they are connected with each other. A true person must have his messages completely in harmony from beginning point to the concluding part and should match with his actions, behavior and lifestyles too. Simply basing on this we can easily determine already who is true or not... SO WHY have to be confused? Lets all go back to our right senses! Everything is crystal clear.

The entire cosmos must bow down in gratitude, humility and in repentance in front of our Heavenly Parent (God) and our True Parents for not being the TRUE person yet in front of heaven and earth.****

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