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Absolute Obedience & Fulfillment of Responsibility

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 8:55 AM

By Bishop Winny



It is an undeniable fact that after the Fall we lost (4 things) in the garden of Eden: God’s word & trust / the material world / our position as children / and, God’s parenthood. While in the growing period, God didn’t relate to A/E directly but they were guided only thru the WORD as God’s manifestation until they reached their maturity and perfection.

Compared with all the creations that grew by just following the principle of creation, man was the only created being that God gave portion of RESPONSIBILITY to fulfill with and that is to OBEY the heavenly will. We have to clearly understand our differences with animals (refer to picx Man-Animals) of which neglecting those 4 important points would just drag us as just beautiful monkeys and handsome gorillas in the animal kingdom as taught by science.

Obedience is the only responsibility required by God for A/E to completely inherit God’s position, authority & dominion. It is the only necessary condition for man to become God’s absolute partners of love and the substantial external features. However, we knew things were turned upside down due to not fulfilling their responsibility.

There are 3 kinds of OBEDIENCE (refer to picx Obedience). The most important of the 3 is 복종 (bokjong = absolute submission of heart) where we completely give ourselves up in following heavenly will w/o any self reservation, complaints and self vested motives. 복종 is what can restore God’s TRUST. Since we don’t relate to God directly or with our TPs, the only best way of attending them is through our “bokjong”.

From the proclamation of Foundation Day all blessed families who received the blessing were all placed in the position as newly born A/E and entered God’s providential time frame that is beyond the realm of the fall & indemnity which means, the completion stage, the final stage that A/E didn’t go through. Since this level was untraveled by fallen man, the MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT TO FULFILL IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD, in order to restore what A/E failed to accomplish in their growing period.

Because of the tremendous sacrifices and painful indemnity conditions made & offered by our True Parents, we were able to avail the grace of Foundation Day Blessing. This is a huge fortune tantamount to bringing us back to where we originally belong even without any indemnity condition being made by us. It even erased the past failure of 6000 years history including our own individual records of sins and wrongdoings. We owed all these things from True Parents and we can never ever repay this debt of gratitude even for eternity. 

We are traversing the cross-road of history and ushering the new age of Cheon Il Guk, the era paralleled to the completion stage, the level A/E didn’t get into therefore we need to restore all the things they failed to accomplish centering on LISTENING to God’s voice and obedience to God’s words only. 

Our True Mother have given us condition of 3 years mourning following TFs seonghwa with an attitude of absolute unity with our True Parents with all our hearts, minds, body & spirit. A life without complain and an attitude of determination to fulfill our responsibilities categorized into: (3 Ps) = personal, public and providential (refer to picture Responsibility).


As we are in the final realm of God’s dispensation, we need to be completely focus and absolutely united with our True Parents centering on True Mother who are the only people who WENT BEYOND THE REALM of human fall and the SUBSTANTIAL MANIFESTATION OF GOD’S DEITY on the earth. Apart from them there is no life. Activities that are not vertically connected to the call of the age are temporal and have no contribution to the advancement of the providence.

ONLY with our TPs as the eternal center, the absolute standard of goodness, truth, lifestyle and faith, the hopes of the ages, can there be real success and true happiness where solutions to all worlds’ problems can be found. Only with our absolute unity with them and the fulfillment of our responsibility & the goals of our original course (the 3 great blessings) can we find our peaceful victorious satisfactory place in heaven and on the earth. ***


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