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Summarizing True Parents Providence

Posted on January 28, 2016 at 11:00 PM

By Bishop Winny


After the 3rd Cosmic Seonghwa Ceremony of Father, literally speaking, we have entered into the 2nd phase of Vision 2020 where the focus of our mission is shifted from internal development to foundation for expansion before God’s providence of building the kingdom of God on earth can be settled.

Vision 2020 is a 7-yr course providence which is paralleled to the 1st 7 yr course (1960-1967) offered by True Parents in the beginning of a new era right after their Holy Wedding in 1960. However that 1st 7-yr course was the start of the “restoration providence” centering on True Father & True Mother together as the True Parents in the realm of indemnity. While the 7-yr course of Vision 2020 is the conclusion of the providence and the substantial building of God’s Cheon Il Guk nation in the realm of kingship and cosmic peace.

Overview of True Parents mission-work to settle the Providence of Restoration – Resurrection – Re-Creation:


1. True Parents settled God:


A. In 1968, 7 years after the Holy Wedding of True Parents, they have declared God’s Day. This was the result of Father’s victories thru paying indemnity of the 6000 history of failure AND of Mother’s victorious foundation of absolute unity with Father within 7 years following their holy wedding. God’s position was lost due to the fall of Eve. The most important condition to finally restore it is the victories of True Mother in a restored Eve position

B. In 2001, The Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship was held on January 13. It means that God could stand in the original position. Also, God’s letter to True Parents on December 28, 2001 symbolizes that God succeeded His kingship to True Parents. The True Parents’ Entrance Ceremony to Cheon Jeong Gung on June 13, 2006 means that God, the vertical True Parent, settled down to the earth for the first time in human history on the foundation of the unity of True Parents and True Children. (from the lecture on the providential history by professor Taek Yong Oh)

C. In 2009 the “Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings” was held 3 times: on January 15, 2009 (Formation Stage), January 31, 2009 in Korea (Growth Stage), and January 31, 2009 in New York (Completion Stage).

It means that God’s authority of Totality, Generality, Full Power, and Omnipotence was liberated, and now there is no accusation from Satan. God can freely exercise everything. Then, after the Coronation, True Parents came to become God’s body and freely exercise God’s authority as His body. Therefore, the Coronation corresponds to the starting point that God and True Parents govern heaven and earth. (from the lecture on the providential history by professor Taek Yong Oh)

D. In 2013 Foundation Day, the Marriage of the God of Night & God of Day; the invisible Heavenly Parent & the visible True Parents took place. This is the result of True Parents victorious foundation of their Firm settlement as True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind and their absolute oneness with Heavenly Parent

2. True Parents settled the Position of True Parents:


A. 1960 Holy Wedding – the liberation of True Parents. For the 1st time in human history God’s only begotten son & only begotten daughter appeared on the earth

B. 1990 Holy wedding – the world level proclamation of the True Parents after the wilderness course.

C. 2003 Holy Wedding – the cosmic proclamation of the King & Queen of Heavenly Kingdom after True Parents have crowned God as the King of Kings in 2001.

D. 2009 Holy Wedding – the perfection Blessing of True Parents on the cosmic level and the affirmation of their absolute oneness with Heavenly Parent taking the position as God’s substantial bodies on the earth.

E. 2010-2012 Golden Wedding Anniversaries are 3 Holy Wedding Celebrations of True Parents representing formation, growth and completion stage, a proclamation of the perfection of the True Parents as the Substantial Manifestation of God as the Heavenly Parent with perfected masculinity & femininity.

3. True Parents settled God’s Homeland of Korea:


A. After the creation of 38th parallel - DMZ zone separating North & South, it gave God another greatest heartache next to the pain of losing His children due to the Fall. The division of North & South Korea is a proof of the existence of satan’s false sovereignty. Unless this demarcation line is dissolve, God’s heartache couldn’t be resolved.

B. God’s dream is not only individuals but restoration of the world. More so, God’s dream is not only for human’s salvation but the establishment of God’s Kingdom on the earth. True Parents toiled and labored with their sweat blood and tears to recover one by one by laying solid foundations expanded to the world level so that God could claim Korea again.

C. Only at the time of cosmic proclamation of True Parents in 2008 July that Korea restored itself to be God’s Homeland and the central nation of Cheon Il Guk. The settlement of God’s Homeland should be made possible on TPs providential timetable on 2020 and onward after achieving its substantial position.

4. True Parents settled God’s Words:


A. God’s work of creation started with the “Word’. The original “word” was lost due to the Fall. The Explanation & Exposition of the Divine Principle Books are for the course of restoration. However, when things are settled by True Parents victories and foundations human spiritual & intellectual levels are already capable of digesting and comprehending the truth. Finally in 2008 the Original Substance of the Divine Principle was inaugurated. OSDP is the principle centering on God, God’s heart & God’s will in the course of restoration.

B. Nonetheless when the advancement of the providence went beyond the course of restoration to the original course of humanity, True Parents inaugurated the Hooy Scriptures: Cheon Seong Gyeong (textbook of life for all blessed families) & Pyeong Hwa Gyeong (textbook of how to build the ideal world).

C. In the beginning was the Word, God is the word and the word became flesh and dwelt among us. The WORD is the LOGOS the original blueprint of human beings. The perfection of True Parents is the completion of that LOGOS that exist before the creation.

April 14 2012 speech, True Parents declared the firm settlement of the True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind and the Substantial Word. Which means God=TPs=Word = ABSOLUTE ONENESS - they are inseparable!

D. Finally God’s Word had been settled when the Chambumo Gyeong was published in 3 major languages (Korean-Japanese-English). It signifies the completion of completion. The settlement of God’s words thru the 3 Holy Scriptures signifies that the mission of the Messiah, the True Parents is already finished and ushered us to a new era.

5. True Parents settled Blessed Families:


A. Stages of Internal Settlement

1. Blessing Providence

• Church Blessing (1960-2009) = providence of restoration of sin & indemnity

• National Level Blessing (2010) = providence of resurrection of life & registration

• Foundation Blessing (2013) = providence of re-creation or actual rebirth from the womb of Heavenly Parent & True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind

2. All those providential courses of the blessings internally settled all blessed families according to our rightful position and these all became possible ONLY because of the sacrifices, suffering and selfless love, undying dedication – commitment & strong will of True Parents by paying indemnity for all of us.

B. Condition for External Settlement

1. HOWEVER, we have to fulfill our 5% share of responsibility for our completion & external settlement, and that is the fulfillment of our Heavenly Tribal Mission. Father’s last prayer is the bequeathal of their mission to the Blessed Families as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

2. Mother’s speech Sept 12, 2012: The physical and spiritual completion of Cheon Il Guk on earth becomes possible when tribal messiahs fulfill their mission.

3. This is our last course to fulfill. Our last mission and the ONLY REQUIREMENT for our EXTERNAL SETTLEMENT as blessed families.

4. Tribal Mission Providential development

1981 Home Church

1987 Tong Ban Kyeok Pah

1991 Tribal Messiah

2005 Hoon Dok Family Church

2012 (April) Education of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs by Father

2013 (Sept) Proclamations of Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence by TPs.

2014 (Oct) Dispatch of HTMs to the world.

6. Settlement of Tribes thru Homegroups


A. National restoration is thru HTM’s activities

B. HTM is the over-all director, leader and manager of a community of different home churches that are led by homegroups leaders doing pastoral works for the entire tribe’s education, development and maintenance. xxxx



Lets prepare and be well equipped to dash forward with great confidence that we are doing these responsibilities as we are concluding the history being the representative of the Cosmic Heavenly Parent & True Parents of Heaven & Earth & Humankind. The more we settle God & TPs, the more we are concretely settling ourselves, our positions and our blessed families as well. ****


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