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Loyalty & Filial Piety (Choong Hyo )

Posted on February 22, 2016 at 9:15 AM

By Bishop Winny 


Loyalty & Filial Piety = 충효 (Choong Hyo) in Korean language.



30 years ago I started TongIl MooDo (TIMD) training that I first heard the word Choong Hyo. It was a popular sound every time we greet our instructor with a bow in or out of the Dojang (training hall) or greet our co-practioners wherever we meet each other.

Choong Hyo is the basic tenet of TIMD and it is the core philosophy. I thought it was just as simple as that. However as I grow to maturity and in understanding True Parens words I realized it has a very deep significance and importance.

How important Choong Hyo is?


True Father said: “You will enter God's original kingdom only if you absolutely go the way of loyalty and filial piety, but you will double-back one hundred eighty degrees and then drop straight into hell if you oppose it.” (280-135, 1996.11.24) “The filial sons and daughters who can lovingly relate to God even in the position of great misfortune must comfort the heart of the unfortunate head of the household, whether it is the king or the parents. Then such a son and daughter should single-handedly tackle all the problems surrounding the situation and solve them. Those having such a mind of loyalty and filial piety will go to the Kingdom of Heaven.” (19-300, 1968.3.10)

Why is it that important?


It’s because God is a PARENT, the God who longs to live with His children of the same level of heart as His. “An heir of the heart is not an heir who just talks, or someone who merely appears to be an heir, or one who is having a good time; but rather the one who takes ownership of his parents' sadness and suffering, agonizes and grieves in place of his father, and struggles to establish the way to manifest the duty of loyalty and filial piety before Heaven. Only such people can stand before Heaven.” (9-30, 1960.4.3)

Results of the Fall:


History had shown us that before God could enjoy life with His creation Satan snatched and killed A/E who supposedly the first born son & daughter of God & progenitors of His lineage. From the time of the fall, God lost everything in His hands and His heart was broken into pieces. God lost His authority as PARENT, Teacher, Ruler and Owner of His entire creation. He was dumped by Satan and was abandoned by His children. That’s how painful and miserable reality of God was at the time of the fall while humanity lost the TRUST from God that couldn’t be recovered easily.

God’s Hope:


Without that son and daughter who can be the perfect object of God’s heart and a perfect resemblance of His personalities, God, even though how great He maybe wouldn’t be able to claim His rightful position as almighty God over His creation.

God without the substantial forms of masculinity & femininity reflecting the passage in Gen 1:26 (let’s create man in our image, man & woman He created them) couldn’t be able to dominate the entire universe and wouldn’t be able to complete the purpose of creation even though how omnipotent He might be.

Such needed children are what we called loyal & filial sons & daughters. They are to be the couple whom God had been longing all throughout history that would liberate God, as TF said: “Who will liberate God? Filial children who resolved to fulfill their duties of loyalty and filial piety with utmost devotion must appear and bear all responsibility for God’s anguish associated with the cross. Such sons and daughters must appear. You have to understand that if we fail this, God will not be liberated.” (101-255, 1978.11.1)

2000 years ago Jesus came to stand on that position. He showed us the path of being children of heaven and started calling God, Heavenly Father. However, the fulfillment of God’s wish wasn’t fulfilled in his time and the book of Revelation chapter 22 clearly indicated that there would be another Bible Testament that would teach us the Advent of the Marriage of the Lamb and His Bride which was materialized in 1960 by Father Sun Myung Moon & Mother Hak Ja Han-Moon.

The core of God’s ideal is a true man & a true woman who would be His filial children, and then they as a couple would eventually become the True Parents of humanity. The two are destined to be the complete, perfect and eternal representatives of God, the Heavenly Parent. And we found that HOPE when True Parents finally emerged with victories years after years since 1960.

“The True Parents are the ones who have fulfilled the traditional duties of children of filial piety in the family, patriots or loyal subjects in the nation, saints in the world, and divine son and daughter in heaven and earth.” (266-145, 1994.12.22)

True Parents our Model!


We all know that True Parents manifested and perfected the life of loyalty & filial piety towards heaven and their entire life is only dedicated to fulfill God’s Will. They have lived in pains and in suffering and yet never have waver even an iota in front of death because of their “great love for God”, their commitment, “to liberate HIM and comfort His broken heart”.

ONLY thru the victorious foundations and perfect manifestations of TPs loyalty & filial piety to God that God could start trusting humankind again. THEY ARE, and nobody anymore can become the Alpha & Omega as written in the Book of revelation, the FIRST FRUITS as stated in 1 Corinthians chap 15, and the VINE (John Chap 15). True Parents are the victorious ROOTS forever & for eternity and we are just the branches!

What then is Choong Hyo?


Loyalty and Filial Piety are not just  teachings from a book. These two words are not simple.

Choong Hyo are way of life of both internal heart, faith and love; and external lifestyle of obedience & submission towards God & True Parents. Only on this foundation can God’s trust be given and God’s love be inherited.

What should we do?



1. We have to be absolutely one with HP & TPs just like TPs' absolute unity and oneness with God.

2. We need to be perfectly aligned vertically with them. Their dreams should be our vision, Their Will should be our mission and Their thoughts & words should be our lifestyle.

3. Knowing their deepest pains and greatest happiness is to join them in their journey to the fulfillment of God’s original plan while carrying their burdens, and, assuring them of its completion are the two greatest expressions of our filial hearts towards them.

4. We need to be grafted onto our True Parents (Romans chap 11) as an absolute command. Our life of heartistically attending them is the only sure way that our path to heaven is opened and secured.

5. Through a life of absolute faith, love, obedience and unity with them can we be able to learn the model course of loyalty & filial piety which is the most impt and basic requirement to enter the land of Cheon Il Guk.

Let’s do our best to become such people in front of heaven and earth that our True Parents can be proud of. *****

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