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Practically Attending Heaven

Posted on July 8, 2016 at 10:15 AM

By Bishop Winny 



For me, "attendance life" draws the line between heaven & hell in terms of my relationship with True Parents. It is not something that I can ignore since I started my life of faith nearly 30 years back.


Why I think like this? True Father said, “The age of attendance refers to the age of the Kingdom of Heaven in everyday life.” (161-218). “Those who have prepared to attend and lead a life of attendance everyday can enter that Kingdom. Thus, it is the kingdom where we can be eternally proud of our preparation and our practice of attendance life to God and the whole universe.” (8-307). “We are taught that we will receive salvation through attendance. You therefore have to serve True Parents, and you have to establish conditions, which God can remember, whatever sorrows and pains may happen to you. You should establish such conditions that will please God, however small they may be.” (13-310).


Here are some of the things I thought are simple attendance life that has contributed greatly in my life of faith:


40 Holy Songs

I like listening to music & singing secular songs was my hobby before I joined the church. However after my first pledge service in 1987, I suddenly felt guilty. I realized I should be enjoying song with God first before myself. So I determined to memorize FIRST & foremost the 40 Holy Songs before I would have the qualification to sing again all my favorite songs. And Yes I did that before I took CARP leadership in 1989



Cleaning the Toilet:

I dislike dirty jobs so bathrooms are disgusting areas (including garbages) for me… but when I became Fulltime, the first 120-day jeongseong condition I did was cleaning the toilet of the church as early as 4am just before the 5am morning service. I did that with all my heart with it thinking that all the dirts and pungent smells of the toilet are similar to my fallen natures and fallen lifestyle, therefore cleaning those is symbolically washing away my old self. From then on toilet became a beautiful place for me.

Another important point is to see the value of the toilet. As the whole house represents our entire body, TF said, toilet represents our “most holy place” (sexual organ). So how important it is to maintain its cleanliness and sanitation. It determines how we value our purity & chastity too. When I was assigned in Phil HQ in 1993 as lecturer, I really made sure HQ toilet was fitted for the word COMFORT ROOM



TPs favorite songs

Omma (Dr Julia Kim) told us that if True Parents would like to know who we are during our first meeting with them, usually True Father asks the member(s) to sing or to give lecture. WHY? Singing and lecturing reveal our inner self right from the moment we stand to the way we carry and conduct ourselves in front of the True Parents. From that time I became desirous to learn their favorite songs. I know it is not about voice but it is about attending God & TPs.

The songs should not be my choice but songs that will please, comfort or relax THEM as they listen. That time I memorized “Danny Boy” and even its guitar chords. Another one is “Hogong”. Just recently I heard TM likes “그 놈에 사랑 때문에” “사랑 찾아 인생을 찾아” . I think singing songs that can’t touch their heart is a meaningless rendition.



Worship Service

It is not just another Sunday. It is attendance day! It is my TIME TITHE. Many of us take Worship Service for granted and just freely use their time for themselves. In my case, there were times also that I really didn’t feel like going to the church on Sunday (here in Korea) which is different from being absent due to important schedule or because I am sick. In that case, I just stayed at home and spent my time doing HDH or any other spiritual activities. I couldn’t easily use that day for leisure or individual purpose. Many times, I use it for witnessing thru cyber networks. Even though some friends found out I am free, I have guilty feelings to enjoy alone for myself. Worship Service is like vitamin for my spirit self. Attending Worship Service is taking supplementary nutrients for our spiritual life.




For a hard up life having to meet both ends, tithing, sometimes is hard to bear. In my case, I’m not perfect also in tithing life not because I hesitate to give but due to the limited budget in my pocket. However, I couldn’t let the month go by without giving any donation or material offering to the church. Never did I think that the money I offered or had given to the church is my contribution or financial support, not even thinking it as an obligation. Honestly, not even once I had that in mind.

For me, tithing is my attendance life. I believe strongly and confidently that to be blessed more with material fortune, I should not skip tithing and NOT able to do it leave me feeling so guilty all throughout the month. Tithing is blood for my spirit self. If the blood is dirty & cloggy, the body is sickly. Therefore offering our tithes is similar to cleansing our blood and allowing it to flow freely to make our spirit healthy.




It’s not just for the sake of membership in the church as I always mentioned in my lecture. It is the way to comfort God’s painful heart due to the lost of His children. Witnessing is the one of the best medicine to cure God’s broken hearted condition and to ease the 6000years pain in His heart. For me, witnessing is my life, without it I might die. TF said witnessing is the formation stage of lecturing (growth stage). Witnessing or Lecturing is water for my spirit self. If the body is 70% water, our spiritual life should be doing 70% witnessing or lecturing condition.



Daily Reading and Meditation

If morning HDH is the way to perfection for sure, I wouldn’t be perfect. Though I do daily hoondokhae, honestly, I must confess that I couldn’t maintain doing it in the MORNING. I’m a night owl and not an early bird. Despite the fact I do HDH everyday in my preferred time, im struggling everyday about that because TPs are doing it all throughout their lives early in the morning. However for the sake of spiritual life, we have to keep in mind that God’s words are food for my spirit self. If we can’t afford to let a day pass without eating we should see to it that our spirit self should be taking its daily nutrition too.



Always think of doing everything for the sake HP & TP because if not, our sacrifices & suffering would be a waste of time carrying no value at all in front of Heaven. Attendance life is God & TPs FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. I have lots of simple issues to share about practical lifestyle but just these few points this time.


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