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3 Great things about True Mother

Posted on July 8, 2016 at 10:55 AM

By Bishop Winny Cayme

President Sa, wife of the late President Hyo-Won Yoo belongs to the first 3 couples who got blessed in 1960 had compiled her testimonies about the things she directly & personally learned from True Parents. She had personally attended True Mother in the early days especially after the Holy Wedding in 1960 where she learned much practical education from those experiences.

True Father told her that there are 3 great things about True Mother that we need to be proud of:

True Mother is very spiritual.

True Father believes that this quality of Mother is very precious aspect of her being the wife of the Messiah. As we all know when TF was still alive Mother was just always beside TF and didn’t speak much. President Sa related some incidents in the early days that when TF would be stuck in some decisive moments, here comes Mother who seldom spoke would offer a suggestion which TF realized to be exactly the right thing to do at the moment. According to her TF was very amazed of TM regarding this point because even though TM spoke only few words, those words were very helpful to Father’s mission.

True Mother is very obedient.

True Father testified that Mother has that absolute obedience towards him. There was one situation, according to President Sa as she attended Mother, that even a week after the birth of Hyun Jin nim, Mother’s body was still swollen and there were still blood coming out of her. However, Father told Mother to join him in a tour and Mother never explained a word nor showed her real condition. According to her, at that time Mother hid herself in a corner and cried in prayer that her heart was deeply broken because her body wouldn’t move as she wanted to serve heaven well.

Basing this on human point of view, Mother’s physical body condition required her to rest and she could complain about this to Father but on a contrary, Mother’s tears and prayers were a repentful one that she couldn’t attend Heaven absolutely well due to her physical limitations.

In addition to this part, President Sa mentioned that TM is the top placer when it comes to ENDURANCE. She observed and proven to herself personally how Mother endured in following Father which many of the early disciples and even our leaders now couldn’t perfectly endure being with Father. However 24/7 in 365 days for 52 years Mother was with Father and never gave any single shame to Father.

An example of this testimony was President Sa’s narration regarding TF's style of speaking for long hours and she observed Mother never even moved her head nor dozed off while many of them had to move theirs in all directions to keep themselves up listening to Father speech.

True Mother has a very deep heart.

According to Father “heart” or “shimjeong” is a combination of internal & external love. External love is the expression and Internal love is the root. Shimjeong naturally spring forth endlessly. According to President Sa, Father always testified the deepness of Mother’s heart and love for God & the members.

She said, Mother never had a concept of possession. Mother used to give away many of her precious belongings to members especially to those who worked hard in the frontline. Naturally, True Parents receive personal gifts from other people all over the world, but Mother’s attitude according to President Sa was, TM always thinks about “others”. Mother’s concern is for those who need those precious items more than her. Even the diamond ring TF gave Mother as a wedding gift was given away too.

Father told President Sa, because of Mother’s greatest love for God & humanity, in the future everything will come to Mother and anybody attending Mother will inherit such great fortune too.

True Father's words about True Mother

"Mother is by nature an introspective and quiet person, but she has learned to be observant about her surroundings and has become extremely active. This is the result of the training she has received since she met me. She is indeed a quiet and well-mannered woman.

Before our wedding, when she visited Cheongpa-dong, she would always come and go the same path. I observed her behavior carefully. She took the same path the first time she came and again the second time she came.

In those days I was looking for a woman who could become the mother and I was giving the matter a lot of consideration. When I saw how Mother chose to walk along the same path each time, I said to myself, "She is the one."

Also, I was pleased with her name, Hak Ja Han. Her surname, Han, refers both to the study of Chinese classics and to a feeling of bitter sorrow. Her name suggests a scholar researching deeply about God. I thought that if a woman could become a scholar of bitter sorrow, she could certainly become God's partner. I liked Mother's surname and her given name.

Because of her background, I trained her and she has come to where she is today. So I'm proclaiming her victory as the True Mother. As a representative of all women, she has crossed the mountain of bitter sorrow. That is why I'm proclaiming her to be the root of all mothers."

{CSG Book 2 p.158}


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