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Keeping Our Life of Faith Active

Posted on November 9, 2016 at 11:10 PM

By Bishop Winny

I joined Unification Movement thru WorldCARP when I was a sophomore but didn’t respond to any seminar invitation until I was 3rd year in the university though I took active participation in many CARP activities. I have had lots of reasons not to respond to however, heaven found its way to really hook me. I realized “if you are destined, you will surely be called no matter what circumstances there might be.” Then our portion of responsibility in front of heaven is ONLY TO RESPOND and the rest will be heavenly history!

I didn’t accept True Parents because of the lectures contained in the first ever seminar I had which was 4days Unification Principle workshop. Honestly I didn’t believe that the Principle of Creation is attainable, for me, it’s too good to be true. I was very sarcastic and arrogant when the lectures where presented nevertheless there were 4 particular contents that struck me the most: the motivation & process of the fall; the crucifixion of Jesus; story of Tamar giving birth to twins and the story of Jacob & Esau’s natural subjugation.

Actually, during the 2nd coming lecture it already gave me negative mind that I was into a religious group and not a student leader’s organization. However when the slide of the 3 countries in the Far East appeared suddenly right there at that very moment, God hooked me miraculously. He pinched my heart fiercely and told me directly into my ears “He is the One” for three times and He loudly mentioned “You need to believe Him if you believe in Me”. That’s it! I couldn’t hear anymore words from the lecturer until the whole lecture was over. The only thing that remained in my mind was that very spiritual experience.

After following the path of the True Parents we came to realize that our life course is not easy, we all know that. It couldn’t even be categorized as just normal phenomena in our life of faith. The battle between good & evil is far more serious fights and far greater than world wars. And the battle of fulfilling our portion of responsibility or not is the only determining factor of our victory or failure. My course is not easy and I must say it is an unimaginable path for me. However nobody can see those pains, scars, tears, worries and struggles on my face or in my aura. NOT even my family knows what I have been through & into and maybe not even my spiritual children know what kind of life I have while in the frontline.

How do I keep my faith active?

My life of faith is not a responsibility, not a duty, not an obligation NOR a choice! It is SIMPLY MY LIFE! It is my eternal life. The center, the focus, the axis, and the purpose & the goals define my path!

In Father’s words he said, once the CENTER is established, everything will be in proper order and it is really TRUE. When I found that center thru our True Parents, there is a feeling of assurance, security and internal peace. If we can establish a very stable relationship of parent-child within ourselves between God & us planted into the marrow of our bones then you will surely have the strongest foothold that nothing can sway you away from your faith. I experienced it and it is true. God is my Father, TPs are my parents. I’m their daughter! What else is greater than this?

Some practical matters:

1. Betrayal and being denounced and denied is painful thing and the more you feel the pain when your family members or spiritual children did that to you. I always think of True Parents first who have more painful situations & sufferings than that of me. They have been betrayed and denied by the people they love the most and people very close to them and yet they only wish to continue loving. Mother is carrying the most painful course of internal pain and yet Mother chooses to be quiet and still heartistically instructed us to Forgive Love & Unite…

Therefore how can I cry for myself? God has been carrying more burdens than me. Moreover, the deeper our experiences of pains and sufferings, the closer we will be to heaven (Mt 5:10-11). This is true to me.

2. Never ever compare. WHY? There is nothing to compare about.

a). each of us has our own course to follow

b). we have different ancestral restoration

c). we grew up in different family backgrounds

d). everybody has its own spiritual and internal foundations and ancestral merits.

e). BUT most importantly we have our own way of relationship with God. God is never UNFAIR!

We just have to view life in the way God see’s it. We need to remind ourselves that we are historical people and everything that is happening to us are within the bound of historical matters of restoration either they are on individual level, family, tribe, racial or national. The bigger our mission is or the higher our position might be corresponds to the degree of the course of our life path. That’s why despite the odds in my life, I never compare myself with anybody who seems to have better situations than me.

More so, compare is part of the 3 prohibited Cs in my life. Once we start comparing we will surely complain then we will criticize. These 3 Cs is the beginning of spiritual death.

3. Witnessing is my life! If I don’t do it, I will die. I never thought it’s a duty nor it is a mission to bring membership to the church. IF you have developed tat Parent-Child relationship with God it is but automatic and natural to feel the heart of the parents wanting to embrace all the children back to their bosom. God is not happy alone. True Parents said we can’t go to heaven alone. Spiritual laws say our property rights in the spirit world depend upon the people we saved.

Witnessing is heavenly law and one of the best strategies to acquire heavenly fortune. God loves those who understood very well His Will.

4. Blessing is not what I want but what I need. I keep this seriously in my heart. Our ultimate GOAL is perfection and ultimate DESTINY is Kingdom of Heaven. Blessing is the INHERITANCE of heavenly LOVE-LIFE-LINEAGE according to God’s Will and in connection to True Parents. It is our blood covenant with heaven. We became part of God’s family thru the blessing.

Because it is heaven who gave us this blessing, always think that God as our heavenly parent will be with us along the course of building it. He has 95% part of it and the completion lies on our 5% contribution. Keep faith and just trust God absolutely!

5. Committing myself to public life is similar to a plane that had started to take off. Once it did... it would not stop unless it reached its destination place. A plane that didn’t reach its destination could either mean 2 things: it has encountered problem and lose its flight or it crashed to death. Sometimes there are turbulence, foggy atmosphere, zero visibility, malfunctioning engine or whatever there maybe, the most important point is don’t crash. We may take an emergency landing but for sure we will fly again to reach our destination.

6. Lastly, once we accepted True Parents as our parents we have begun the journey of faith and we have been reborn into a new life with our spiritual birthday that is counted until for eternity. So how can I just take for granted this path? I have spiritual life and I have spiritual age.

Every time other members will ask me when did I join or how old am I spiritually, how can I answer it with pride if it didn’t coincide with the lifestyle I have with the church and my faith standard? Once people called me “ATE” (Elder sister) it means I’m responsible to guide and teach them as their elder.

This is not about leadership position anymore. It is the undeniable fact that whether I like it or not I am already an “elder”. Otherwise, it’s a shameful thing and a slap on my face if I couldn’t show them anything better and greater. This is one of the reasons too why I can’t just “Lie-Low”. The truth is, every minute we are growing older in spiritual age in front of heaven.

We should be an elder whom True Parents wished to see. Spiritual maturity lies on the level of our attendance to True Parents and the deepness of our understanding of Heavenly Parent’s heart.

As I said, our fife of faith is not a choice! It is an undeniable truth. Therefore, let’s live every moment with seriousness and upgrade our life of attendance to heaven

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