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The Three Things We Need to Inherit

Posted on December 15, 2016 at 11:45 PM

By Bishop Winny


The 40 years painful path of the Messiah and the 40 years suffering course of True Parents together both indemnified the more than 6000 years history of sins & failures and brought all the broken pieces of God’s ideal into one place.


More importantly than that was, our True Parents have given birth to all of us to the greatest position where we are now. They freed us and liberated us completely from the lowest position of servants of servant to the position of true children of heaven and then, NOW we are proclaimed “Owners of Cheon Il Guk – the Heirs of God’s Kingdom”



As Heirs, True Parents gave us three things to inherit:


1. We need to inherit their teachings:


We have the Divine Principle and shelves of True Parents’ volume of speeches. They represent the bones of our faith and flesh of our life respectively. Their teachings and principles are God’s magnificent truth. They are heavenly laws that govern the entire heaven & earth and the universal truth that no religion can oppose with, instead, will be magnetized to come into unity under the bosom of our Heavenly Parent. They logically answer all confusions in the world of faiths; presented us the practical aspect of life and defined the heartistic bond of parent-child relationship between God & humanity. It is only True Parents’ teachings that expose the greatest truth that God is our Heavenly Parent and we are all children under God’s Parenthood!


As Heirs, we need to embody these words and put them into practice. They are not Books or Journals to be read only or filed at the book cabinets in our library but THEY ARE LIFE themselves that we need to experience if we want to understand the living God.


The speech (2012.04.14) Cosmic Assembly for the Firm Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the Substantial Word of God indicated that “Heavenly Parent=True Parents=Word” are but ONE and inseparable. True Parents have perfected God’s words and substantially fulfilled them while on earth passing thru the course of restoration, resurrection & re-creation covering the entire Old & New Testament Bibles and vividly taught us the Original course of humanity towards our true destiny. True Parents have concluded their mission and finally the publication of the 3 Great Heavenly Scriptures concluded the history and ushered us to the new level of the providence where the central figures are no other than WE, the owners of Cheon Il Guk. Embodying their words and put them into practice is one of the best things we can ever do as heir…



2. We need to inherit True Parents' lives:


It is so difficult to describe the path of the Messiah and the course of True Parents. Their lives are full of pains, sacrifices and sufferings. Nonetheless, their lives can be pinned down into three: true love, sincere devotion and undying commitment for God’s liberation and His settlement as the one and only Heavenly Parent. These are the very reasons why they were able to overcome the insurmountable load of works to bring back the shattered parts of history to its original form and most importantly giving God the hope for the fulfillment of His ideals.


As Heirs, we need to live with true love and sincere devotion in attending heaven. True Parents’ lives are examples of (1) loyalty an filial piety towards heaven; and, (2) forgiving & loving and forgetting those painful past so that we can start anew especially in this period of building the substantial Kingdom of God on earth. If we will compare this to Christian belief this is basically the BEST expression that materialized the 2 commandments of Jesus of loving God & loving our enemies.


It is not an easy requirement or simple task to fulfill however, as Heirs there is no other way to stand as their true representatives except to have true love running in our veins and make it the core content of our lifestyle. We need to have sincere devotion in our genes to finally bring substantial offerings. Living for others is God’s eternal motto and our goal is to become the perfect reflection of filial & loyal hearts….



3. We must inherit their achievements:


More than the lectures of how True Parents became the Messiah, the most powerful way to present them to the people is to proclaim their achievements in life. True Parents are sent by heaven to liberate God, save humanity and restore the damaged history to its original blueprint.


They never accomplished those incredible accomplishments and greatest contribution in all fields of society and human walk of lives in a global & international scale by just commanding and speaking. However their lives lived in the frontline battle through their blood sweat and tears their life-long accomplishments brought everything into conclusion and perfection. True Parents labored so much for the sake of God’s Will. Nobody in history was able to do what True Parents have done for the sake of peace and harmony and for breaking down walls and boundaries in all areas, aspects and levels.

As Heirs, our minds, hearts and dreams should be how to attend Heavenly Parent & True Parents by owning their dreams. We need to become one with them in achieving that dream being their representatives. If the criminal on the right cross of Jesus was saved thru faith in Jesus as the requirement of the age at that time, offering the Nation to heaven is the most fitted condition for our offering. We need to work to claim Korea as the homeland of our Heavenly Parent and hometown of our faith. This is God & TPs Dream!


If only Korea was not divided, God’s providence would be easily settled. However, the division of Korea signified the two contradictory realm of sovereignty between God & Satan. We need to settle God in His chosen nation. Without a substantial nation for God, heaven can’t claim the entire humanity absolutely.


God must be settled first substantially on the earth through the people’s heartistic bond and come into a parent-child relationship with God before all of us can be perfectly settled too. This is the reason why Father said that even for one day of living that nation before his death will suffice his life-long hardworks. This is the formula course of building God’s Kingdom on earth. It’s not just a small group of believers but a sovereignty that will govern the world with heavenly constitutions and laws centering on the true love of our Heavenly Parent.


The greatest achievement we can accomplish is to fulfill our share of responsibility in the restoration of God’s sovereignty in Korea thru our Heavenly Tribal Missions. Our tribe’s restoration is our personal responsibility but the restoration of Korea as CIG nation is our providential mission today.


The end of God’s timetable is approaching and the time of recognition is also at hand. If St Paul said in Romans 5:1-2, we are justified by faith, and then we can say we can also be justified thru the fulfillment of our providential responsibilities before heaven & earth. xxx


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