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Words of Wisdom from Pres Gil Ja SA

Posted on December 15, 2016 at 11:50 PM

When I started contemplating about my life I tried to find a way to remind me of my first motivation of joining the church, my pledge before God, my determination to fulfill God’s Will until death and my greatest love for True Parents.

During these moments I became fascinated with to know the early disciples of True Parents who up until this time are attending our True Parents with all their hearts without wavering. One particular elder is President SA GilJa.

I began reading her book: “A Testimony to God’s Words, in regard to the Divine Principle” and I would like to share “SOME” of the practical things she had learned from True Parents directly which I believe can help many of us as faithful members in our community..

President Sa:

1. “Father said God grows together with humans!”

This is an amazing fact but Christians may misunderstand us. Father had elaborated by saying, God, of course is perfect but love can’t be felt unless there is a perfect object since love is invisible, if there’s no external stimulus coming from another being, "Love" as if doesn’t exit. Love is perfected only through a relationship with another being that is why we can say that love is correlative. Since God is love, we can say God’s love grows too. We have to understand that humans have that crucial role and very close relationship with God because of this particular point. External love is the expression made by subject and object and internal love is the root which comes directly from the invisible God.

2. “Selfish Motive”

She asked Father how he discovered the Principle which couldn’t be found by any normal human beings while Father himself is a human being like anyone of us... Father answered her “Because I threw away my selfish motivation” Human ancestors directly inherited selfishness from Satan and passed it down to us. To find and teach the truth, one very important & necessary condition is “keep a Selfless Motive” in our hearts. Father was able to discover all the secrets of the universe because of that condition.

3. “Meaning & Secret of Self Denial”

If humanity is to return to God, humans basically have to walk the path opposite to self-centeredness, which means we must practice absolute self denial. Satan stays with and never leaves those who have even an inch of self centeredness in their minds. Father told us that the best & effective way to deny ourselves is to be persecuted by other people. Self denial is completely achieved when we endure harsh persecutions and gained victory by not retaliating instead keeping a heart that can overcome it by love & understanding centering on God.

Also, the reason why True Parents are asking us to do many impossible tasks is simply because Father is helping us greatly to deny ourselves by taking as much as suffering course as possible in order that we may escape from the grasp of self centeredness as quickly as possible.

Self centeredness is an attitude of doing anything we want just like Lucifer doing what he wanted. On the contrary, self denial is doing what God wants us to accomplish, though it’s impossible, difficult and things we hate to do because that is the path of returning to God.

4. The root of Unification Church Faith

We can’t give perfect Principle lectures with only the Divine Principle. We must listen to Father's words often and read all his speeches as well. We can’t use only the Principle in our ministry or the Words we receive daily. The best way to lecture and convey the inspirations from God is when we speak & lecture centering on the Principle and Father's words at the same time. It means we must thoroughly study the Principle and then read all the collective speeches of True Parents.

Principle is the backbone and Father's words are the flesh. These are the roots of our unification faith.

5. Three important attitude in attending God:

a. We must greet God everyday with our pure heart.

b. We must always ask God of what we have to do and before doing things

c. We have to report to God what we have done both the good and the bad ones.

This is True Parents' way of life and Father reminded us to wait for God’s answers before anything else. This is personal attendance to God & to True Parents even though we don’t live with them closely. The more SELFLESS we are during praying time, the closer we can be with them.

6. Shimjeong

What is Shimjeong? Father said it is “internal love”. The distance between God and man lies on the level of our shimjeong. Immaturity and selfishness created an enormous distance between us & God. Father has taught us that shimjeong can sprout from the ground of perfected conscience which all humans must strive to accomplish.

7. The realm of parentship was restored by establishing Mother in 1992

1992 was the 40 years extension of 1952 and during that year Father put forth Mother up front of the whole world after Father had accomplished a very important task regarding Communism. Father met Gorbachev in 1990 and Kim Il Sung in 1991 and these did not take place by coincidence. Beginning those years Father worked so hard with great jeongseong to bring communism to natural surrender. Communists are murderous groups. They have made several attempts to assassinate Father in the past. Father said, humanity has no way to be saved if Mother would be murdered by communists that’s why he could only put Mother in front after communism has fallen into Father’s embrace.

God’s ideal was destroyed because of Eve’s relationship with Satan and seducing Adam to fall. True Mother who came as the perfected Eve has to walk in front of Father and help Father to become successful, thereby restoring the wrong doings of Eve though indemnity. Father wrote a calligraphy that read “Coming of the Global Age of Women” and opened the age of women with Mother. ***

President SA Gil Ja belongs to the 36-couples and one of the first 3 couples who were blessed by True Parents. She is the wife of the Rev Eu Hyo Won, the first president of the Korean church and the very disciple who had transcribed the Divine Principle book. She is the president of the House of Unification for World Peace and is the author of all the Divine Principle Chart books.

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