cktaWEBhauz: Witnessing - Education - Blessing

Lets learn from one another thru educational sharing


by Bishop Winny Cayme

(was officially born on (lunar) 21st of March 2010 (May 4 solar), the 65th day of Heavenly Calendar's first year)

This is an educational space & inspirational diary of how God works in my life.

The compilation of my personal experiences & testimonies about 

my faith, life & mission, challenges & victories and 

my deepest gratitude to God & to our True Parents.

This will be the precious record-hauz of my 

"Faith Conversion, 

Tribal Restoration, Community Breakthrough, 

Witnessing Mission, and Family Affairs"

Enjoy & relax as you wish, laugh & cry if you need to.


"Lets learn from one another through Educational Sharing"


What is CKTA?

It stands for Winny Cayme-Kim Tribe Academy


What is WEB hauz?

Witnessing - how i discovered God's divinity inside me and the true path to heaven (witnessing is life! without it, i will die)

Education - how i learned to develop that divinity within and how to walk on the true path (education is both cognitive and experiential... the only course to grow internally)

Blessing - how i realized the value of that divinity and significance of true life, true love & true lineage towards the fulfillment of my dreams (our destiny)


Evangelization = connecting people to God; testifying about God's greatest love

Discipleship = educating  people to become God's children

Pastoral = training & coahing people to build God's ideal world