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Synopsis base on My understanding regarding Heavenly Parent & our True Parents??? Significant courses

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 5:55 AM

By Bishop Winny

Part 2

The Era of God’s Direct Dominion


Foundation Day

What is Foundation Day? It is opening the era of Cheon Il Guk, the time that the world had entered into the direct dominion of God.The beginning point of the providence before the fall where satan has no way to invade and the time which man has to finish his individual course in preparation to reach the realm of perfection. This is the time of re-creation,the era which Adam & Eve hadn’t reached. This is completely a new world beyond imagination and comprehension of human intellect.


God’s Marriage & True Parents position

God’s marriage could only be possible because a perfected union of God’s masculinity and femininity had already been accomplished on the earth thru the perfection of TF & TM manifesting themselves as God’s substantial visible forms. God’s dual entities finally had taken the substantial perfected forms thereby solidifying God’s position being the HEAVENLY PARENT – the encapsulation of both the perfected masculinity and femininity.


The victories of True Father & True Mother in the courses of 3 eras of Restoration, Resurrection & Re-creation had brought them to the level of perfected united man & woman and were sanctified and justified thru the 3 stages Holy Wedding(in the completion level) held from 2010-2012. These sanctification and their absolute unity with God led them to the position to carry out God’s Marriage Ceremony in 2013.


God’s wedding means the marriage of the invisible Heavenly Parent with the visible True Parents of Heaven Earth & Humankind.It is the substantial union of the spirit world and physical world. It is the moment that God could start His heavenly dominion to the entire cosmos.


Foundation Day Blessing

It was April 21 2012 (March 1 by the Heavenly Calendar) when all of a sudden while aboard the plane flying to Korea TF instructed the gathering of 30,000 families in World Peace Center in Cheong Pyeong few hours from their landing scheduled time which nobody among the staff and leaders even who were with TPs knew its purpose.


What had taken place during that gathering?

1. TPs speech: The Settlement of TPs of Heaven Earth & Humankind and the Proclamation of the WORD by God’s Substantial Self. (a. TPs position is firmly settled as the absolute central axis. b. The Word is firmly settled as the laws and absolute truth. c. TPs as God’s substantial SELF on the earth)

2. Aside from the speech additional messages were said by TF: (a. settle yourself and family firmly centered on TPs. don’t stain your blood lineage and don’t divorce your marriage. b. settle your tribe as your final responsibility. c. establish Hoon dok hae tradition in your family and tribe)


In reality, before a mother gives birth to a baby,there is a 10-month period of pregnancy in the womb. That urgent gathering was actually a time that all humanity were put in TPs womb and would be BORN AGAIN after 10 months which by counting would fall on the celebration of Foundation Day 2013.


Those 10 months are the period of man’s spiritual cleansing, re-creation of new self and re-structuring of earthly lifestyle in preparation before being REBORN thru the Foundation Day Blessing. We have learned later that, TPs would be giving the total forgiveness ceremony during that time.


After Foundation Day Blessing & the course of blessed families

Following the foundation day blessing blessed families are all standing in the position Adam & Eve prior to the fall and the 7years from 2013 to 2020 is similar to the completion stage which A/E failed to reach. Therefore this is the period beyond the understanding of the principle and pattern of the formula courses and scope of human intellect. This is time that ONLY GOD as Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven Earth &Humankind who are absolutely united and had been one in heart & in body can explain. This is the beginning of Heavenly Parent’s DIRECT DOMINION to the world and humanity.


This is the course of blessed families towards the REALM OF PERFECTION with unknown pattern to copy that’s why ABSOLUTE UNITY with the Substantial forms of Heavenly Parent on earth thru the True Parents is very necessary and of utmost important in our life of faith.


Since this is the period similar to the completion stage that A/E failed to go through, blessed families had to absolutely restore the things that A/E failed in order to begin a true life without Satan. Adam& Eve in their growing period failed to see God as their absolute central axis and God’s words as their absolute life’s guidance. They failed to establish the filial heart towards the parent. Therefore, all blessed families in the position of newly born babies from the lineage of our original Heavenly Parent thru the womb of the True Parents of HEH; we need to go through the True Parents. We need to grow centering on TPs’ love and receive direct guidance thru our True Mother.


TRUE MOTHER’s position after Foundation Day

Base on historical records of TPs course, the role of Adam & Father and role of Eve & Mother were all have been done and accomplished successfully & victoriously BEFORE THE KINGSHIP ERA could begin. TPs had held the God’s marriage ceremony thru the foundations of perfection of TF & TM as the substantial forms of HP on the earth. Therefore, True Father & True Mother are not just normal father and mother in category but they are in the position of God’s substantial forms. THEREFORE,their position is above anybody and any condition. They are DONE already with all the courses of restoration, rebirth & re-creation. It is absurd to claim & say that in order to build the CIG we need the victory of Father-son or Mother-son cooperation. That was the realm of the restoration which TPs had already finished. True Mother is the female form of God on the earth. Anybody opposing this truth is denying all the historical providential victories accomplished and instituted,proclaimed and declared by the True Parents from the beginning of TPs ministry in 1945 until TF’s seonghwa in 2012.


This is now the era of children and human responsibility! For the children to inherit the victorious foundations of the Parents,ABSOLUTE UNITY & COMPLETE SUBMISSION to the absolute subject is the most impt condition. True Children &Blessed Families alike are in the course to fulfill that condition. This is the course for our justification & sanctification too. ****


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