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Basic Abilities of a Leader

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 12:40 PM

By Bishop Winny

Throughout my years in the frontline whether I was in public mission in the Philippines or family course in Korea, I realized that our whole life in a nutshell is a training for leadership mission for smaller scales to higher levels and in broader areas.

I saw this as an undeniable fact whether we thought we are not born leaders or no qualification to lead or no ambition for leadership position or no desire to take any leadership responsibility. Why I could say this? Simply because, from the viewpoint of our eternal mission which is tribal restoration and community breakthrough, it is all about leadership abilities that started from the individual level all the way up to the community and tribal area. Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission requires leadership ability & capacity to carry unimaginable load of responsibilities to achieve success.

Last time I wrote about Leadership as Defined by True Parents, this time I would like to render my ideas on Leadership Abilities based on True Parents standard as important tool in our mission.

7 Church Leadership Abilities:

1. Spiritual Content (heart) – an attitude of absolute obedience to the Will of Heaven is first & foremost necessary condition. Next is level of attendance towards True Parents and quality of our relationship with the invisible God, followed by sincere devotion, deep understanding of the Principle and the course of restoration coupled by actual experiences of successful overcoming. This is the basic of all and the most important that takes a great weight for leadership qualification… Why? Because it defines our inner self and the foundation of our individual position

2. Emotional Maturity (mind) – capacity to embrace and deal with all situations with a level-headed public mind. This is the ability to distinguish what is public from personal; principled motivation from selfish one; and be able to see clearly what is priority and not. This ability can render immediate and proper solution to every situation regardless of how big or small the problems there are.

Emotional maturity can handle all kinds of relationships and go through all its complexities without creating conflict and fights.

If Spiritual content is invisible, emotional maturity can be its visible reflection because the deeper our spiritual content is the more mature well-being we will become.

3. Lecturing Mastery (expression of faith’s understanding) – ability to explain every topic and help people digest the highest truth and see the Unification Principle not as a book but a life giving revelations from heaven. It is the ability to transmit the truth in its depth and reveal God’s heart of joy at the time of creation, God’s sorrowful heart at the time of the fall and the greatest hope during the appearance of True Parents. It is the ability to explain clearly the course of restoration thru indemnity and salvation thru the blessing. It is the ability to impart the course of the providence leading to the era of Cheon Il Guk passing thru all the transition stages of the providence.

This is the application of how much we understand True Parents course and a reflection of our faith understanding. It is not about the use of flowery or highfalutin words but the lecture contents matter the most. It is not about how great our speaking ability is but how can we become God’s mouthpiece, just an absolute Body to an invisible Living God.

4. Witnessing Power (confidence in faith) – ability to guide others to know God’s Will, understand God’s heart, learn God’s truth and receive God’s love. This is ability to bring people’s mind and heart to the bosom of God in preparation to inherit His love; to testify that God is alive; and proclaim that God is the Parent with great confidence, courage and conviction

5. Financial Stability (machine) – all leaders must have the ability to find means for existence and must gain mastery in its management. Money is not the top priority but this is an important machinery to move the providence forward. This is the 3rd blessing given to man however many leaders failed to gain victory over this matter and overcome his environment.

WHY? Because our human nature is hooked and confined by the reality of this world which is what satan wants. Many leaders put this issue as top priority and believed to be the primary condition to carry the providence which is actually NOT. Father Moon said, for a leader to succeed, he must carry with him FIRST God’s words, NEXT is the heart to save people and THIRD dominion of material environment. Sometimes it’s hard to submit ourselves on this matter when we are confronted by the reality of every situation. However, financial stability comes from fortune too and from the application of the Principle which is Dominion. Fortune comes from heaven thru the people and people come from heaven thru God’s words.

6. Diplomatic Ability (flexibility & adaptability) - ability to persuade & influence others to live a God-centered lifestyle. The ability to promote our faith to bring positive change and harmony with other religious belief; and the flexibility to relate and adjust with other religious traditions and rituals without prejudice. Covering the 7billion population of the world can’t be done by “US” alone in an overnight period… We need to work in partnership with other faiths and denominations from smaller unit to greater scale of the society to build the world of peace

7. Pastoral Mind (parental clemency) – This is the ability to “watch-over” (manage) his flocks. According to Father Moon Leadership is tantamount to Parenthood therefore, all leaders must have parental clemency to take care, embrace, guide, educate and manage his household and area of responsibility & jurisdiction. ALL HTMs are shepherds (pastors) in parents’ position and all his people are flocks who are actually his families and not just members of his organization.

Failures in pastoral mission started from a wrong understanding of the concept of that job. A pastor is not leading a church but actually building and raising his own family and tribe and expanding his territory not focus on power & position but on heavenly dominion of love.

Once we see ourselves as PARENTS and not as leaders of an organization, many things can be settled properly, many problems can be solved immediately and relationship problems will be lesser. If we guide our tribe to live as siblings from one line of lineage, Kingdom of Peace is at hand because there is an axis and central coordination.

If we can lead as parents and embrace all our tribe members with parental heart everything will run smoothly because in a family every member lives for the sake of others modeled by the parents passing the tradition to the elder children down to younger ones. In the family there are morals and norms, etiquettes to follow. Virtues and Values are applied in 4 realms of heart (children-siblings-couple-parents) and in 3 levels of vertical relationships (children-parent-grandparents).

Managerial jobs for maintenance of HTMs as determined by rules and laws created centered or patterned on “FAMILY SYSTEM” will just follow naturally. THIS IS actually True Parents’ Wisdom, the Original Substance of the Principle and the very CORE CONTENTS of True Parents hundreds of volumes of speeches.

I strongly believe that the success in the management of HTM missions depend on being PARENTS and having these above-mentioned abilities in application of True Parents’ words…. I am 100% sure and it guaranteed success IF and only IF we can put True Parents words into actions and materialize their wishes into reality.. /

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