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Challenges of Vision 2020

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 5:35 AM

by Bishop Winny

Some of True Mother's initiatives


What is Vision 2020? In my limited understanding it’s the fulfillment of "God's Dream" substantially realized on earth in commemoration of True Father's 100th birthday, True Mother's 77th Birthday and their 60th Holy Wedding Anniversary. And providentially speaking it is the 7-year course of building the substantial CIG nation in the era after Heaven's FOUNDATION DAY was declared on January 13th 2013 by the Heavenly Calendar (the first day of the CIG era).


I attended a lecture given by Rev Ryu, our Korean President during his tour-visit to different major churches. He explained about CIG era from where it was started down to True Parents victorious foundations through overcoming all those ordeals up to the level when it could be proclaimed by True Mother last year. What had captured me most was the time frame of this 7 year course. In his lecture he mentioned that True Mother divided the 7 years into 2 courses: the first 3 years for internal foundation and the next 4 years for the external ground work.


How did I relate to it or understand it? If we are seriously following the trend of the providence we could learn a lot from the flow of True Mother's initiatives and 'step by step process' of building the CIG substantially. Upon taking the seat after True Father died, True Mother had ….


1. started to call God Heavenly Parent not just Heavenly Father giving us a clearer view of the dual status of God being both a father and a mother since there is already a dual SUBSTANTIAL forms perfected on the earth to stand as True Parents of Heaven & Earth & Humankind.

2. changed the name of the church from Unification Church to FFWPU. since there is already True Parents in a substantial form, we need a family to embrace the world humanity. As the messiah needs a church foundation to build the KOH, True Parents need a family foundation to build a CIG nation.

3. focused on re-arranging our church community in details from HQ personnel down to Korean pastors level and system

4. clarified our tradition based on the original teaching of the True Parents centered on the culture of heart which is rooted in a parent-child relationship

5. strengthened and empowered our 2nd generation members to take the lead role in partaking the providential work.

6. elevated and uplifted the position of blessed central families in relation with the True Parents and True Family and public responsibilities

7. elucidated the central focus of the mission we all need to accomplish within this very important time frame.

8. reorganized True Parents messages and speeches into a systematic order and had compiled them into 3 Holy Scriptures so that those precious gem-like words will be preserved for eternity and that would reveal the lifestyle and life course of the True Parents. These are the Cheon Seong Gyeong - PyeonghwaShin Gyeong and Chambumo Gyeong.

9. given more weight on witnessing activities & outreach programs centering on proclaiming who True Father is, his global contribution for world peace, his worldwide initiatives and outreach to bring about God's Ideal world and how the True Father pushed his life even risking it for the sake of solving all the problems humanity are facing which are God's heartaches.

10. expanded this central providence from Korea to every continent and country by directly overseeing the worldwide providential activities and empowered all the world missionaries in the field.

11. provided great support in the field of EDUCATION for the sake of the growing and increasing number of 2nd generations, 3rd & 4th and so-on.However this is not only for our blessed families but extended to all deserving youth who can be used by our Heavenly Parent in leading the world to its peaceful state.

12. formulated the CIG constitution that will put things and situations in heavenly order


All these things are to establish a strong internal foundation so that our faith community can grow to the national and world level acceptance. These are to be stabilized within the first 3years of Vision 2020. This is about foundation of faith!


In the principle, before we enter into the foundation of substance, a victorious foundation of faith is needed and this is done through man's absolute faith love & obedience to God. In the same manner, before the substantial building of Vision 2020 to come about, a victorious internal foundation within our faith community should be accomplished through our absolute unity & love to True Parents. This is measured in our absolute faith & obedience towards our True Parents and I strongly believed there is nobody exempted to this required conditions before we could actually & substantially begin the work of realizing Heavenly Parent's dream on earth. Whether we are blessed or not, old or young, leaders or not, I think even the True Children will also pass these conditions.


We thought that when we reached the CIG era, we would be living in a comfortable zone where we can enjoy life with our family and loved ones. However contrary to our expectations, we have seen great frustrating scenarios directly inside our community, things that we never thought would occur in our movement. We have witnessed situations globally &locally that confused many of our members young and old alike. To some families,these greatly damaged their spiritual lives. We also have seen many members are focusing on their external situations more than nurturing their internal conditions. We have witnessed that many of those who are close with each other in relationships got conflict among themselves. Many of those hidden stories are coming out one by one in the light giving us idea of the truth &falsehood of many situations that had happened in the past.


While True Mother is very serious in strengthening the internal aspect of all fields in our faith community as heaven's requirements and while she has been directing all situations to heavenly will, many of us also are living individually as if we have nothing to do with the providence.


Is this really what we wanted to see, do and to happen? Do you think those members who also left and are living for their own individual lives really desired to be such people? I DON’T THINK SO!


The 2 challenges of Vision 2020 is ABSOLUTE FAITH and perfection of our internal aspect!


Absolute faith towards our True Parents in the person of True Mother is a very important condition to be accomplished within this period. True Father's position as the messiah was well established already because it was made by 6000 providential years. We, members could easily submit ourselves to True Father without doubt. We easily believed what True Father had said and commanded even under illogical conditions and unfavorable situations because we absolutely accepted that Father is the 2nd Coming of Christ. The position of MALE messiah is universally accepted while the existence of FEMALE messiah just come out during this period.


However, heaven wanted to see how much faith we could really establish in relation to True Mother. Isnt it True Mother the feminine aspect of God and the better half of True Father? We know that without True Mother, True Father couldn’t become True Parents.Without True Mother, True Father couldn’t reach perfection either and God'swill couldn’t be expanded. When True Father was with us we expressed our faith to the True Parents. BUT WHY in this period, many of those faithful followers where in doubt?


The challenge of Vision 2020 is how can we absolutely continue that life of attendance we once had with True Father when he was still with us on earth towards True Mother. The challenge of Vision 2020 is how much can we still believe despite unfavorable environment and disunited situations. The challenge of Vision 2020 is how much can we change the culture inside our community (bigger area) while we are trying our best to re-establish our own families in alignment with God's providence. The challenge of Vision 2020 is how much can we still live a public life while we are trying our best to feed our own children and make both ends meet in our living conditions.


Lastly, this 7year course is our last chance to re-establish our own internal standard and level of maturity. Foundation Day blessing gave us the opportunity to be forgiven for all of our sins in the past and misconduct, unprincipled lifestyle and satanic mind. Even without conditions and indemnification, Heavenly Parent & True Parent had forgiven us absolutely and without a doubt they have erased our evil past records and given us a NEW LIFE in this new era to create a true historical record dedicated to building the heavenly kingdom as true children of heaven.


Therefore within these periods,ALL without exemption will be tested too of how much we have aligned ourselves towards purifying our life centered on heavenly love and principle. It is God's love that we are put in dungeons of hell and suffering life. WHY? It is in those unfavorable situations, suffering courses and it is with those unlovable people and visible fallen natures that we can see how far have we gone through in cleansing ourselves to reach our goal of resembling our Heavenly Parent's heart and personalities.


For sure many things are inevitable in our paths that may shock us or have shocked us already. Many unexpected cases will happen (have happened already) in our lives. Many unexplained scenarios will occur (have occurred already) that our limited minds may not (couldn’t) be able to comprehend. However, absolute faith is necessary to survive. The Principle & True Parents' words are our STANDARD which we can base our point of judgment. Our True Parents' traditions and lifestyle too must be our guide to correct our behavior and actions.


We must believe that we are living in this era and heavenly environment even though things are still in imaginary conditions only. The most important thing now is to see HF & TPs as our mirrors to reflect our lives with. No other else! The most important thing now is to be conscious IF WE ARE living correctly rather than seeing others' lives. The most important thing now is to make sure we are doing our responsibilities rather than becoming busy watching others.


Lets not waste our time with things that will just ruin the period of our purification and dedication.Instead give out everything in us for the fulfillment of our mission and accomplishment of Heavenly will. The VICTORY in these internal challenges will be our solid foundation to begin our external ground work of substantially erecting the kingdom of God on earth - the CIG nation. Have a victorious AUGUST to all.***

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