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Owners of Cheon Il Guk

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 9:20 AM

By Bishop Winny

We must clearly understand that we are not just members of a certain organization or followers of a certain religious denomination. We are not just missionaries or ordinary multicultural families in Korea.


WHO ARE WE? WE ARE OWNERS! The Owners of God’s Nation! What an amazing blessing this is!

To be an Owner, we must be the people who fulfil the responsibilities entailed from the highest even down to the lowest position and must do even the dirtiest job if necessary just to make sure everything is functioning well. We must also be the troubleshooters if there are any problems blocking the accomplishment of our goal.

In reality an owner knows the details about her property, the situations and conditions of every part of her business, and always ready for any alternative strategy that is needed if there would be unfavorable circumstances coming along the way. She knows the concept of what she has to fulfil and have hands-on or actual experience how to achieve her goal to acquire success, and, most important of all, she has invested 100% of her heart in every corner of her area of jurisdiction and will continue to invest and invest endlessly. Otherwise she is not an owner (or she might not succeed) if ever she is just half-hearted and just working on positional-base, hired-employees’ views or according to self benefits

An owner doesn’t just sit down, command and wait for the results to appear. As OWNERS, we get up from our seats, no consciousness about our SELF but very much focused on how to materialize and actualize our responsibilities that are twinned with our position and never get relaxed until it’s really over. Our concern is how to get things done in a time frame and would always be on active duty until everything is already settled successfully.

We saw these kinds of attitudes and lifestyle from our True Parents themselves. Even until the last breath of Father’s life on earth we know how much serious he was and was very busy doing the job that should be done supposedly by us. Even at the risk of his health, nobody could stop Father from speaking up and teaching us his vision, his strategies, the methods & process and even the details of what should be done. Mother, despite the unfavorable conditions surrounding her and the internal situation of the true family, she never is disturbed but very much focused on what needs to be achieved. She troubleshoots all problems and most of all continuously shows us the true and right way and correct understanding of what Father would like us to accomplish. Mother never stop even how painful the course she faces as she continue working out the fulfillment of God’s dream without Father on her side.

The OWNER position is bequeathed unto us on the condition of our absolute unity and oneness of heart & will with the true & original Owners who are God & True Parents. To be qualified to that position, we must achieve the Internal Qualification of being true filial children in front of heaven and acquire External Results on the phase of the earth. Recognition for being filial children and offering our results can’t be done in heaven or when we pass to the other world already. True Mother wants all of us to be victorious on this position while on the earth so that when we go to the spirit world we have something to offer to True Father & Heavenly Parent. Therefore the glory of that position is to be done on the earth and we have barely 3 years to fulfill this job. It’s a serious moment for all of us..

There are 3 requirements we need to fulfil and offer to Heaven if we are the OWNERS:

1. CIG Citizens – we need to restore the 7 billion people of the world.

2. CIG Nation – we need to restore Korea as God’s fatherland and homeland of our faith.

3. CIG Sovereignty – we need to settle God’s position as the sovereign Lord and Eternal Parent.

As you can see True Parents have laid all the necessary foundations and ground works to accomplish these things. Considering that this job is not only on physical world but more difficult than that is, it is also to break through the spiritual world. Fighting on both the spiritual & physical realm is something we owed from our True Parents. Pioneering the path and laying the pavements are the greatest thing we owed from our True Parents. We are just to follow their footprints. Literally speaking True Parents have done everything even our supposed responsibility.

We need to fulfil our share of works, JUST A PART of an entire job.

We are not asked to do everything but at least to fulfil a certain part to complete the whole project to be accomplished. True Parents said just 5% to partner with God’s 95%. The success of that 5% will lead to the victory of the whole.

1. We are not asked to solve the problems that are above us but at least make sure that our families are settled and children are properly educated to become the future generation of heavenly lineage.

2. We are not asked to restore the entire world but at least restore a minimal space which is our community through Tong Ban Kyeok Pah or community breakthrough.

3. We are not asked to do the restoration of the 7Billion people by ourselves alone but at least to restore 430 families only as part of our Heavenly Tribal Mission. Luckily, as the strategic and realistic course to fulfill this mission is to accomplish the 12 families – model base strategy and develop our home-church through homegroup system

We have barely 3 years to go from now. 2020 January 13 by lunar calendar is February 9 in solar date. As missionaries and residents of Korea our final and most precious achievements are the accomplishments we can directly contribute to the restoration of the CIG 3 requirements (citizens-territory-sovereignty) here in the fatherland.

Korea is the parent-nation and Unification Family is the parent-religion. Korea has to be settled first among all other countries in the world as the central nation of Cheon IL Guk. This is Heavenly Parent & True Parents’ “eternal dream”. We can do a lot of things anywhere anytime, however, our recognition and ultimate success is the fulfilment of our mission HERE in Korea. Therefore, to inherit that OWNERSHIP successfully we must have clear concept-knowledge, hands-on and actual experience about the works we need to fulfil here, the nation that is not the country of our birth with the language that is not ours.

Though it looks simple and easy but this piece of work or share of job entails a lot of pains, suffering and difficulties especially for us as FOREIGNERS by blood in this nation. It needs a lot of sweat, tears and maximum effort. It needs a lot of determination and ONLY by living selflessly with absolute faith, pure love and absolute obedience can we be able to overcome all the hurdles, challenges and difficulties. There is no other best way but to live for the sake of God & humanity like our True Parents. This is the reason why True Parents define what an owner is like…….

Father’s words: “what kind of person can be called a true owner? Only the person who lives for others, caring for others, sacrificing himself in serving others -- in other words a person who practices and lives a life of true love is a true owner. Only someone who treats everything in the creation with true love, protecting and nurturing them, can become a true owner of all things of creation. It is not your external position or status that makes you a true owner; that is determined only by your character and capacity to love.”

The CIG owners are frontliners & prime movers of the providence who lives for God & humanity. Owners who wish to offer the best for God as our parent, save humanity as our family and restore this nation as our home.xxxx

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