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Lets learn from one another thru educational sharing

Training & Education

1987 Oct 22 = started Fultime course as CARP student staff center

1987  Dec 22 = 1 day Conference with Heung Jin nim

1987 Dec 23-29 = 7days Nationwide FR mobilization

1988 Mar 29 - Apr 4 = 7days Divine Principle Seminar under Rev Eric Niduasa

1988 Apr 5-25 = 21days Divine Principle Seminar under Rev Gary Fleischman

1988 Apr 26 - Jun 4 = 40days DP Seminar under Rev Yoshinobu Murotani

1988 Jun - July = 40day FR mission to support WCARP convention (Thailand)

1988 Oct 22-25 = BKKB Service Community Project

1988 - 1990 April  Campus CARP Leader

1989    Apr 1 - May 10 = 40days CARP & TIMD Training under Dr Venus Agustin

1989   Oct 18-24 = 7days Rev Ahn Divine Principle Seminar hosted by CARP

1989 = Coordinator - the National Mr & Ms University Pageant which was sponsored solely by Cabantuan CARP & Araullo University (not by the National HQ)       

1990 7months Formula Course (Fundraising until October)

1990 40days Leadership Training (until end of November) Best Lecturer in Filipino Language

1990 40days Pinoeering Mission (December to January1991) = Aritao Nueva Vizcaya

1991-1992 February   = Church Leader of cabanatuan city (1 Church center - 2 CARP centers - 1 pioneering center)

1992 April-July = Business Department mission (Manila) preparation for the 30,000 couples blessing

1992 August = Northeastern Regional CARP Coordinator and Lecturer

1993 May = National HQ DP Lecturer 

Shift of Mission from WCARP to Church Leadership and Providential Organizations

1994 - 1996 December = History within First 3 years of my Regional Leadership

1994 August =  Appointed Regional Director for Central Luzon by the Asia Continental Director (Dr Julia Kim)

**September - December  : a 120-day Lecture tour as a providence of Start**

= conducted lectures on the theme "Moral Recovery Program & AIDS Prevention: Unification Perspective" to all Elementary & High school Teachers from the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Bataan & Pampanga co-sponsored by DepED Region 3 thru the support of  Ms Mariza Gonzalez-David Legal Officer 3

= conducted special seminars on the theme "Moral Recovery Program & AIDS Prevention: Unification Perspective" to all Chiefs of Police & their Officers in 4 District Offices in Nueva Ecija co-sponsored by the Nueva Ecija Provincial City Police Department under the supervision and leadership Lt Col Carlito Inton, LLB

= conducted half-day seminars on "AIDS Prevention" at the Provincial Capitols & City Halls for our local government officials and staff under the supervision and co-sponsorship of governors & mayors of Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Bataan, Pampanga

= conducted special workshops for the youth on the theme "Moral Values & Youth Leadership" to all Sanguniang Kabataan elected leaders of different cities & major towns in Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Bataan & Pampanga through the cooperation of Youth City Council of the respective provinces

= conducted a 120-day special educational (weekend) series lectures for all Central Luzon members as a providence of start to meet the Unity of Hearts and set-up goals for the following years.


External: we got the support of the different agencies of the society - educators:police:youth:government leaders:NGOs 

Internal: we were able to produce 84 Fulltime staff including core Home members who decided to join the mobilization for 1995 360,000 couples blessing. 


= our region was recognized & awarded as BEST Region for the year: in terms of Membership results, Tithes, Blessing candidates and number of sub-centers.

= we brought 2700 couples (PMC and matched candidates) to the 1995 Blessing in Manila including the candidates from Region 2 Cagayan Valley

= we established 10 sub centers throughout the region aside from the Regional Church 

= we were able to acquire & secure the REGIONAL center situated in 151-A Concepcion st Aduas Norte Cbanatuan City thru the support of the Asia CD as "gift-award for our Blessing Results

= we were able to produce more than 300 sisters for Korean matching & Blessing candidates to the 360,000 couples blessing & its extension on January 1996


= we were able to build a Multi Function Hall in the vicinity of the church property with an area of 356sq meters through the efforts of our dear family members and Fulltime staff

= we were No1 in the Korean matching-blessing mobilization

= we maintained the category of being the Best REGION until end of 1997.

= Asia Continental Directors, Dr Julia Kim named me Lady General of the Philippines

National Level Mission

1997 January to December 1998

**Vice President for Internal Affairs in charge of HQ Administration

**Vice President for Education & in charge of Witnessing Mobilization- 
Toured and visited all regional &  local churches including all pioneering areas as part of IW mission

continued to lead Region 3 as regional director<
<br>**Toured &amp; visited all regional &amp; local churches including all pioneering areas as part of IW mission
continued to lead Region 3 as regional director<br>